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Hello (again) from London

It’s been four days since we set the foot in this gloomy and windy city. Four days spent by taking care major things here and there.

Been searching for permanent home and never imagined it would be this hard. Plenty available, contact several, yet, very few returned the call for viewing. In the end, we ended up with almost zero choices. We even extend our stay at the airbnb since the process took some time. Luckily the house didn’t have next booking yet. Unless, we really had no idea where we should stay and move with all these luggages.

It still feels like a tourist mode these days. Breakfast at home, lunch outside and dinner at home. Visited places were mostly for the doctor’s registration, but it’s nice enough visiting some places I haven’t seen during my previous visit.

England’s weather is still the same as always. Although it’s still considered last summer, but it’s been cold, windy, and rainy. I couldn’t imagine how this old body would survive colder weather later. Even we didn’t have AC back at home in Jakarta.

Hopefully, things will get better by next week. What I mean by get better is we could start having a normal life, keep these luggages out of sight, more clear daily routine and stop playing tourist.

Some pictures from the neighbourhood we lived in and eye candies from the city central.

Finsbury Park
Finsbury Park Playground
Arsenal Store
Sunset from the window
Accidentally meet this spot
Euston Road sunbathing spot while waiting for the doctor


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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