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What’s next?

I didn’t know or maybe I rarely thought, there would be a day when I really have to let go almost all things that have been staying with me for a long time. Even worse, after letting go all those things, I don’t know where to go.

I have been always one with to-do list since I was little. Always come with a day to day schedule or long term plan,it’s all on my head.

Two first paragraphs were written before arrived in London and I just got stuck. Gonna try to finish this in one shot now. Hopefully.

It’s been three weeks since we arrived yet it feels as if it’s been few months. They say time flies when you’re having fun. But, saying that this new life has no fun too is pretty unfair. It’s far from easy yet it’s still survivable. We’re having enough food, money is quite tight, yet still on the level that I could accept, and proper good night sleep. Three basic things are secured. For now.

While the other two have started their own ‘pleasant’ daily routines, it’s still a luxury thing for me. ‘What’s Next’ has been continously questioned for some time before the departure and still no definite answer available. I have several things in mind, but none seem to be fitted well with the situation.

This week was the first week of Langit’s school days. School pick up and delivery become one of the new routines to be dealt with. She got into reception class, one level above nursery just before primary, just like kindergarten. The long school hours, from 9.00 am -15.30 pm also left me with long hours of leisure time.

The only daily routines available for now are doing houseworks, groceries and still playing tourists in between. Houseworks were still manageable. Tried to finish everything before sending Langit to school. Six hours of leisure time is too precious to be used for doing mere houseworks.

Grocery time has been always my favorite. Finally found the place which offered the most pleasant price for the wallet after comparing several stores.

Playing tourist is too unavoidable. London has a lot to be explored and I don’t even do much. I set one day in a week for me playing, just like today. Been planning to visit Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley since it’s only a bus riding from Langit’s school. It was raining but, it was very nice to be among the crowd where I didn’t feel like a stranger. Haha.

Professional work has still need to be working on. Found something yet it’s still on discussion. But, at least having something to be looked forward to feels soothing.

Maybe the answer from the question above is not meant to be discovered instantly. Just like many whys that I have been continously asking to the One who decides all affairs, the answer of my questions usually take a long time until they arrive at the right time. Never too soon, never too late.

Our moving to London is one of the answers from one of the whys asked long ago.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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