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One Day Trip to Salisbury and Bath

Stonehenge had been on the bucket list for quite long time. I know it’s just stones, but reading a lot of stories about them made me really want to see them and most of the picture with them are so breathtaking. I was trying to fit this one during our 2017 trip. But, as that year trip wasn’t mine but more for others, so this one wasn’t included.

Stonehenge could be reached by train from London to Salisbury. From Salisbury, you’ll need to take Stonehenge Bus Tour to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre. Stonehenge Bus Tour runs every an hour and it costs 16 pounds per adult (insanely pricey, yeah). After arrived at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, there’s shuttle bus to take us to the yard.

I was quite taken aback at the first sight, because, is it this all? Really? But, you must see them from different kind of angle. They look mightier when we see them from the other side of the circle. Maybe lots of tourists also made the view less appealing. There were neolitikum houses too which considered as the house of the builders.

The Famous Ancient Stone made by alien. Taken from the side less of tourists.
The Builders’ Houses

Done with Stonehenge, we went to Bath by train. It took an hour from Salisbury to Bath. We stayed overnight at Bath and explored the city the next day. I had one specific purpose to visit in Bath, which was Jane Austen Centre. As Mr Darcy’s fan, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Semsibility, Mansfield Park, and Emma reader, Jane Austen Centre is a must. The ticket is £10 if you buy online, £12 if you pay at the centre. Is it worth the visit? If you are Jane Austen team, it is. The eloquent guide explained little details about the writer passionately.

Jane Austen Centre in Bath
Our Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Done with the centre, we were strolling around the city. We visited Sally Lunn, the oldest house in Bath from 1400 which sold the famous bun in Bath. The bun was really good.

We didn’t manage to visit some places as planned since the mood was quite ruined because of first paycheck drama. As usual, strangely, there’s no single thing run just smoothly about us. For the same simple thing, when others just have it gently and smoothly, we need to dig, sweat, chase, and spend some unnecessary energy until we make it.

In spite of the bad mood, I enjoyed the city and hoped to see it more.

Sally Lunn : The oldest house in Bath who makes famous bun


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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