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Where to Play in London : Holland Park

This Saturday we went to the west for another adventure playground. Holland Adventure Playground is like a mini Battersea Park and Playground.

The weather was cold but the park was still quite crowded. Inside the Holland Park, there is the well-known mini Kyoto Garden.

It was just like our another Saturday playground session until something catched my eyes. I couldn’t think for few seconds when my eyes starred at one of the kids. She starred back. Then from behind, another kid came running and climbing the slide. I was indeed astonished.

They were really here?

In this small playground in the forest?

Playing just like any other kids?.

Suddenly the girl shouted, “Mama, look!”

I turned my head and couldn’t believe my eyes even more.

A mid 30s woman, with coat, jeans, a hat and a pair of long boots came to the girl. At first, she seemed just like any other mother in the playground until I saw her closely.

She was there. The media-around-the-world darling. The future queen.

She looked as ordinary as any other women in the playground.

It was unbelievable to see the most famous people in this country so up close and personal like this. In a small playground, playing like any other kids, queuing with my own daughter waiting for their turn, climbing, running here and there.

Didn’t I take picture? I did. But, the guard noticed and told me not to take it. Since then, the guard kept his eye on me everywhere😁

But, other people were as casual as they were no one. No one came close and asked for picture, it was totally like no one worth-asked-the-picture-taken there.

The kids wore such simple clothes like any other kids. Unless you know their face from the paper or screen and being pretty close to them, you won’t recognize them right away.

It was nice to see the real royals who acted just like the real ordinary people, meanwhile out there, there’s a lot of ordinary people who try so hard to act like a royal.

I never imagine deciding which playground to visit is important until today😁.

Today’s playground visit was indeed one of the most exciting that we had!

Didn’t I really take the picture at all?

I did of course secretly. They were safely kept for my future memories and for few more years later to be shown to Langit that she once was playing on the same playground with the royals of England!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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