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London’s Markets

We have one destination that we always visit whenever we travel : Market. In Paris, we visited Bastille Market, in Tokyo there is the famous Tsukiji Market. In Seoul, we plan to visit more than one market, but we ended up visiting Gwangjang Market twice! Among all the destinations, in 5 days, Gwangjang Market got the honour to be visited twice😁.

Now we are living in London, it’s the heaven of markets. From touristy markets until local farmers market, we have visited few of them. Some of markets are also tourist destinations. While the markets we visited near our house are more of the local one. These markets have been there since hundred years ago and they still keep running until now.

Some of the famous tourist markets in central London we have visited so far :

1. Borough Market

Located near London Bridge and London bridge station. This one is also famous because of Harry Potter shooting location.

2. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is torn between sophisticated, artsy, and parish. It smells, sounds, and feels like mini Paris when I visited it for the first time. The second time I went with the doctor during his day off, we ended up buying two real leather made in England jacket and coat from one of the sellers whom we really admired his sales skill. We only wanted to look around at first but ended up bought TWO leather jackets. Me, who is rarely tempted buy anyone or anything, finally made my most expensive purchase during three months living here. Regret? Obviously, NO. I got a new nice leather jacket!

3. Shoreditch and Old Spitafield Market

These two located in East London and could be reached within walking distance. Shoreditch is bigger and full of mouth watering street food, vintage and second hand things and also street musician. Old Spitafield is full of cute things that you rarely found in other markets. Like these first pictures below.

I once visited Shoreditch when we came here in 2017 like written in my old post. The second time, almost no picture taken. Beside, Shoreditch on weekend is totally crowded!

4. Greenwich Market

When other three markets above are all in zone 1, Greenwich Market is in Zone 2. Although it’s not that very central, but this one could be included as a tourist market. Greenwich itself is worth yout time visiting it. I have written this before.

I have visited this market twice and it turned out maybe there are different tenants on different day. These pictures below were taken when I visited the market on Wednesday. When the second time I came on Saturday, some tenants were totally different.

Hand made knit child sweater

5. Portobello Market

This one is also in central London and it sells lots of antiques. It is located near the famous Notting Hill. Among the five, this one is my least favorite.

Some of tourist markets are still on the to-be-visited list when we have some time to be tourists again later. This December is about Christmas Market and so far we have only visited one in Hyde Park. Looking forward to visit the other markets when the school holiday is here!


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