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A Day Trip to Oxford

Last Saturday was a playground session for mommy. This time, the baby had to follow us to go to Oxford in less than five degree weather.

As the city of learning, Oxford is so lively and exciting. I couldn’t help admiring how they preserve such university buildings since 1231. All clean and seems just like what they were thousand years ago.

Oxford was chosen because few of Harry Potter filming scenes were there, good price for the train ticket, only an hour from London Marylebone. The city also has one of the 2019 best Christmas market in UK and Oxford Central Mosque is available. Many good reasons to make a visit to this city.

I planned to visit three colleges : New College, Christ Church College, and Magdalene, but only managed to visit two : New College and Christ Church. Is it free? Surely not. Budget for college entrance should be prepared when you want to visit this city.

In New College, we only visited the Divinity School, it costed £5 for family ticket. It’s only a small half-empty room which used as hospital wing in Harry Potter movie and several other movies. We had made our way to Magdalene College but, they only opened at 1 pm, so we left and didn’t comeback.

Au contraire, we went back and forth to Christ Church college three times. The first attempt we didnt buy the ticket because the great hall opened at 2 pm. The second time we came back after lunch, there was a very long queue to buy entrance ticket. We chose to leave for Oxford Central Mosque first and came back for the third time and got our ticket. It costed £25 for family ticket. Christ Church is the most popular more because of the potterhead wants to see the staircase where Harry met Draco for the first time and the Great Hall which resembles of Hogwarts Great Dining Hall.

The market is also full of eye candy stuff. As we love food, we bought home a pack of jam and coffee beans from Oxford Coveted Market. Oxford University souvenir shops spread everywhere and each of the store sell different uniques kind of souvenirs. Compared to Bath which feels like a city for older people, Oxford suits the young people like us (lho?) better.

Also, the House of Wonders in the city centre, a shop where you can get Harry Potter things, is also different than the Harry Potter shop in Kings Cross and House of Spells in London.

The only downside was the weather. It was freaking cold. It was such an achievement to survive a whole day 12 hours winter trip in feels-like-two-degree weather, especially for Langit who managed roaming around the city here and there with her little scooter, enjoyed Thai food for lunch, Libanais for dinner, without any whining. I am very proud of my little girl.

A silent pray spelled wish she had a chance to go back to this city for studying one day.


Radcliffe Camera. Oxford Iconic Monument
Bridge of Sigh
City Centre
House of Wonders
The coveted market
The Stairs
The Great Hall
Oxford Central Mosque

Seriously listening to the audio tour about her future school. Can we have an Amen?


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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