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Back to Liverpool

The last weekend playground of the year spent in a city where the doctor heart has always been longing the most.

Liverpool was set once the annual leave approved and a home hospitality ticket was available for some quite pricey number. Yet, the chance to be able to watch the Reds in Anfield might not come twice, so secured it was better than regret. Alhamdulillah the ability to pay for it was also granted.

We once had been in Liverpool in 2017 but only for day trip doing the stadium tour. It’s beyond imagination that going back here to watch a live match granted two years later. I am not a fan at all, and I didnt watch the match with him too (I am not insane). But, since I knew the doctor from day one, his love for Liverpool is somewhat beyond a mere fan. So, it’s a pleasure to witness something that means so much for him.

We also stopped by Albert Dock, Museum of Liverpool, and the iconic statues of The Beatles for the first day itinerary. The second day agenda was going to The Beatles museum and Liverpool mosque.

The Beatles Story is one of paid museums that worths the pound spent, for us. The audio guide, the interior, the feel, they all make good combinations for an enjoyable visit. Ticket price is £17 for adult and £10. Langit is borderline and most of the time, some kind British staffs don’t count her so we often only pay for two adults.

For such big city, when you type Liverpool Central Mosque in search engine, you will only find one mosque called Al Rahma Mosque. I am not sure whether this one central or not, but the mosque located in a quiet residential area and quite far from city centre. Central mosque in one city is usually identic with halal food around. London, Oxford, Seoul, Tokyo, Bath, all located quite central surrounded by halal food restaurant. But in Liverpool, there is none.

In my opinion, Liverpool is more lively than Manchester. The city centre and the town are more charming. Although compared to London, the people are less friendly. Listening to the doctor’s explanation about Liverpool history, it is understandable that the people smile less than Londoners.

Another thing, I can safely say, the local seems really love their city. A taxi driver asked us where we came from and when he heard the answer that we live in London, he said something about pitying us and he started telling us about how good life in Liverpool is. Instead of annoyed, I found it so heart-warming listening to his story about places and felt the big love and pride he has for his hometown.

He gave us his number, told us to give him a call when we come back and he promised to give us a tour to the places less traveled by tourist in this city.

Then, there could be the third time, maybe?

I dont mind.


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