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Nerdy Cambridge

The last day trip before spring term starts or we can say the first out of London trip this year.

Cambridge is only less than an hour from London. We took 9.12 train from Euston and arrived exactly at 10am at Cambridge station. The first impression told that this city is a quiet one.

The first stop was the Eagle pub. It is the place where Watson and Crick for the first time published and discussed their finding about double helix DNA.

Not far from the pub, there is the iconic place from the famous university. King’s College is the most famous college among 31 colleges in Cambridge university. The entrance ticket for two adults cost £18. The college was huge, quiet, and tranquil. Inside the college there’s Kings College Chapel. On the way out, we passed the river where visitors can go punting at certain price. Going around the college by the boat with a guide who rows the boat. We passed the punting.

We continued walking to the Cambridge Market. Unlike Oxford, the market is only an open market and the tenants are not that interesting. Nothing special about the market. We also had lunch there before heading to city centre.

The city centre is pretty lovely. The small alleys are really charming. It has the ambience like an old town. Along the way, we met climate change parade like one we saw in Oxford street in October. We just kept walking around, passed St John College and the famous Newton Apple tree.

We stopped by at few shops that drew our interest like the flagship store of Cambridge Satchel Company, the famous bags made in UK bag from Cambridge (this one was once a trend few years ago in Jakarta), Ryder and Amies, the 120 years university store in Cambridge, and Children at Heffers, a hidden book store which we coincidentally passed, which has great collections. If I were tourist who would comeback to my own home where my own mini library were there, I would definitely bought all those my favorite children books series!

As we only had seven hours in Cambridge, we didn’t enter any other colleges. Instead we went straight to our last destination which was Cambridge Central Mosque. We did zuhur-asr prayer and waited for maghrib there.

Cambridge central mosque is beautiful. Located in Mill Road, the mosque is one of the best that we have ever visited. It’s huge, bright, and well designed. The ablution room is so large and sparkling clean. Even the toilet has the mini shower which is very rare in this country. More, the abaya for prayer is also available! I was greatly impressed.

We did maghrib prayer in jamaat and it had been a long time since I heard a proper adzan. How I miss it a lot. From the mosque, we took a walk to the station. It wasn’t that close, but waiting for the bus was longer. It was just 4.30 pm but it was dark already, but the area was quite safe for walking.

After having three one day trips to the most visited places in UK, I could do some description about these cities.

Bath has an old people ambiance. Tea shop are everywhere. It’s just like visiting an old English lady who loves afternoon tea and enjoys scones and bun.

Oxford is the stylish, popular, out-going guy. The lively vibe, the crowd. It suits an extrovert personality.

While Cambridge is the opposite of Oxford. It’s quiet, tranquil, and obviously fit the description of a nerd introvert guy, which is totally my type😃.

Seven hours spent in Cambridge was a good start before heading to the new spring term tomorrow, resuming work next week and the exam at the end of the month.

This girl survived her third winter trip with her little scooter. You rock, girl!

Shall we aim this place for your future school perhaps?


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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