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There are times when I feel so stuck and hopeless about things. No matter how hard, how long, how much energy, time, and money spent, the progress craved for is not signifcant enough. As if we would never be there.

It wasn’t the first time this feeling came of course. Knowing I had been in this stuck feeling before, once or twice is quite soothing. Knowing I once survived that, and finally got ‘there’, gives the slightest hope that I will be there too one day. God only knows when.

I have learned since a long ago that we don’t have to ask why we’re given this and that, because some parts of life happened are never under our control. No matter how often people glorify we always have choice, some things don’t offer one. You can’t quit, get rid or leave but to keep going with it.

Still, the heavy heart is here.

The frustration won’t go.

The anxiety keeps following.

The things to be grateful for are there, but it doesn’t make the problems dissappear.

There are times that I don’t feel like counting the blessings. There are times I don’t want to hear any consolation words.

There are times I just want to say it’s hard.


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