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This Cool School

Sunset in The School Yard

If there’s one place in London which I could pour all my gratitude, it would be this ‘small’ public school in the south east London.

Normally, the school registration in London (or UK) should be done through the council website where you live. But,right after we found a place,we spent a whole Friday to visit all nearby schools asking if there was a place. Two out of three said they had no place for Langit’s age, one said they had but would still have to confirm it first.The school wasn’t that interesting and pretty far from our place.

We found another one by maps and decided to give it a try on the next Monday. It was only me and the little girl that day since the doctor had started his new work.

It felt like coming to a nice place from the beginning. The reception staffs were so kind. They confirmed instantly a place for her. Set up an appointment with school enrollment staff on that afternoon, told us she could start school the next Wednesday.

We happened to be not only coming to a nice place, but it turns out to be the right one too. Not only the teachers, Langit meets great friends too.

I observed how the kids were nicer. I couldn’t help making comparison when I remembered about what happened to her first day at school 2 years ago. It was on the school playground when she rode a tricycle and another bigger girl was aiming at her by continiously bumping her bike with hers.

It’s really nice to see that she has friends who call her name when they see her at the street and shout, “HI LENJIT!” ,friends who say goodbye to her when the school is over, “GOODBYE, LENJIT!”,friends who are giggling with her while waiting their name called on school pick up. Small things that were absence in her previous place,due to many reasons, other than herself.

I attended a workshop in the school last week when one of the staffs approached me and said,

“Are you perhaps, Langit’s mom?”

Yes, I am.

“Hi, nice to meet you! I am Hannah, I am working with Langit in speech and language session”.

“Ah, really? Nice to meet you too and thanks a lot for helping her. Is she doing okay?”

“Yes, she is doing great! We’re really happy with her progress”.

“Thank you. It’s really nice to hear that”.

“She’s doing well and, you know, she is so nice and lovely”.

It warmed my heart hearing the last words said by a very kind stranger.

I really love this school’s kindness. Almost all the staff I encountered with, they work as if they owe me something, ask us to take as many as we can from them. It’s not the best school with sophisticated facilities, but few months going to this school, my little girl has been so happy more than 1,5 years she spent in her previous school. Not that the previous was not good, it was a decent one as I wrote in School is (finally) Cool.

In Jakarta, she only went to school three times a week from 8.30-11.00. Here, she stays at school from 8.50-15.20 Monday to Friday. In spite such long hours and whole week of school, the fact that she has to ride her scooter in cold weather every morning, she seems so happy to go every day and being in as happy mood too whenever we pick her up in the afternoon.

On the way to school

The support given from the staff (been talking to some), the kindness, the knowledge they share, all little help that really matter for Langit and us make me pray for them to be granted in heaven.

How I wish to have this kind of school when we return later.


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