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Trips and Twists

This post was written almost a year ago before the Summer in Seoul trip. It was written right when I thought I found a happy ending. But, the bigger storm turned out coming right after this writing finished.

But, as many other previous storms, it finally ended and the one who stayed, finally stay, thankfully until now.

April, 2019.

I remember writing two posts about twist when I had my first Ilana Tan trip. I knew dream and twist are inseparable, but it turns out that trip and twist are coming together too. Escpecially when it’s trip abroad.

Twist is unavoidable, but as if it is not enough, most of the time, they came one by one like layered twists. One came, solved, then another came and so on. Until when? Until the very last minute. Judging from my social media posts, almost all the trip seems flawless. What people don’t know is what it takes until we ‘deserved’ such trips.

All these Ilana Tan trips also come with twists. Paris has been told in previous post. Spring in London was quite high tension because it was the time when the doctor had his very last national exam for residency. At that time, the exam date would be between 22-23 April, either he got Jakarta or Makassar. Our flight to London departed at 2 pm on 23rd April. While the rumour said because his base is in Jakarta then he would fly to Makassar.

It was one of those time when long and hard prayers were spelled in every breath. Prayed for the most possible exam date so he could go with us, as planned. As the date was getting closer yet without any official announcement, the heart was highly abused indeed. There were times when there felt like no hope. Once the news was out, it was either yes or no.

The result came just four days before departure. He got 22nd April in Jakarta afternoon session.

I felt so sorry and thankful for my heart that had been enduring such pain for weeks.

Tokyo was another long waiting for another announcement, once again, it was about the doctor stuff. It was about WKDS departure date and placement. We had been waiting for the news since January and it finally came out at the end of February. We were quite lucky that the date was safe enough for the trip. Compared to three other trips, Tokyo was the lightest one.

Now, Seoul. Getting permission from the doctor side is always nerve-wrecking but beside that, additional twists came too. Running a small bussiness is not easy but having a good team helps to reduce the headache a lot. For this past 1,5 months, I realize that every bussiness, especially the small one, depend a lot on its people.

It started when few months ago, the oldest team member that we treasured quite a lot said that he would resign by the following month. We usually didn’t hold anyone for resigning but this one we questioned him deeply whether he was sure about this. The answer was certain.

Then we started new recruitment process and decided to hire one person. It went smooth for the first week but then, the true character finally appeared. Tardy often, lots of excuses, the most unacceptable one, didn’t show up without any notice. For us who only hire two employees, each of them matters a lot. Losing one means disturbing the bussiness. Why dont we hire three? Cost.

In one day, looking for subtitute done. Luckily, the other candidate was still available and accepted the offer immediately. Repeating training process from zero was tiring and wasting time but there was nothing we could do. Getting one that was readily available was good enough.

Just two days after the new hire first day, his father passed away. So, we had to run with one again. Luckily, the other one who has been with us for a year is a reliable one. After the storm end, the one year person asked me if he could take a day off. It was arranged well with the new one that they would take turn. The senior got one day off on Monday, the new one got his on Saturday. Practically, everyone was having two and half days off. Win-win solution. The new hire was quite a fast learner too. So, another stormy period safely passed.

But, it was as if the Almighty up there said, “Do you really think it’s over? Come on, we still have time until your departure. Shall we have another one?”

You shall.

Two days before the senior days off, the new one texted that he needed to resign by Monday because he got another offer (better one of course), and his mother asked him to take it. It was Thursday evening and I had three days to find a replacement. At that time, I didn’t even have no words to say how pissed I was to that person. How the h*ll I could find a new employee in three days while the senior would also have his days off. I had no heart to cancel his trips. Meanwhile, my trip is only a week away.

Desperate and hopeless.

I refused to post any job ads online because it wouldn’t do us good to openly look for new hire within short time. The only option was to do close recruitment. Since we only had three days, I sent text to several people. Remember the oldest team who resigned? We contacted him first asked him to return. Why? Because, from our obsevation on his social media, he also had resigned from his new job. Survived his new job in less than a month. Kids nowadays.

After several text, he declined the offer. I was torn between relieved and dissapointed. Relieved because taking the old one means we are that desperate but it was the safest choice since we dont have to do any training anymore.

I decided to send texts to those who had contacted us before when they were asking for a job. Other than the old team, I also sent texts to few candidates from the last interview batch. Zero result.

That night felt too long.

The next Friday passed without any clear hopes. I couldn’t think any other way than waiting.

The pray answered in Saturday morning when I woke up and looked for my phone. An application letter arrived on the email. Neatly written and looked good. I replied the email immediately and it was so relieving that the boy replied instantly. A quick interview done, he started right away.

Two days after the senior returned from the trip, another hassle came. He got sick and should take another two days off. So, the new little boy had to go alone under my supervision.

That week was a hellish one. Juggling between this and that. Stayed late at store. Opening hour has been modified, doing whatever could be done to keep going.

The bright side, the new one is quite good at doing his main job and he is quite helpful. Eager to stay longer too. That means a lot for me. I hope this time, this one stays for a longer and proper time. Amin.

They said what doesn’t kill make you stronger. I know enough about that.

But, sometimes I just dont want to be strong and I’d rather just being safe. (Safe means no new plan for going places?)

Thats hard too.

Your choice, your battle.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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