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Half Year in London

Today’s marked as the sixth month since we set our foot in this city. Facing lots of uncertainties, from the most basic thing as place to live, jobs, school, until how to manage day by day in this land of strangers, and many more. It is the first longest time I survive living in other part of the world than Jakarta.

Along these six months, we adapt and adjust quite well here. Overall, although it’s not easy, but life has been pretty good to us. We sleep and eat well, pay our bills on time, able to enjoy some meals outside. In spite of the weather, we have been surviving it with all the resources we have, even doing lots of winter trips (too many, in facts😁). In some parts, I feel like repeating what I had been living back in 1994 during time spent for 1,5 months in Manchester as I wrote in Miles away from home, chapter 1: Manchester.

Our moving to London turned out to be not only for accompanying the doctor for his fellowship, but it is also for me, and especially Langit. For years, I have been asking continously about something, reading as much as I can, looking everywhere for the answer, and here, I finally found the answer. Another more serious post would elaborate this later.

One of the funny big changes happened during these months is how I turn 180 degrees from hating white milk and corn flake to loving it until it becomes my daily lunch three times a week. Yes, cornflake and white milk for lunch. I think about it with a happy heart.

Working as a fellow doctor in unfamiliar place with unfamiliar system and environment, every day, is surely hard. But, the less underrated hardship is not knowing what to do.

Routine is one of the most important things that contribute a lot to your sanity and happiness. Routine is something that even a baby should master from the beginning of his life.

No matter how hard is for the doctor and my daughter, they have a fixed schedule. The doctor and my daughter know what to do, where to go, in the morning, they have their own routine and more valid reason, he is being paid for it. So, it’s more of responsibility and something that should be done.

I had been doing many things before, earning my own money since I was the first years in college, chasing and checking my bucket lists, jumped from having so many things to do, living jobs I love, having enough money for my personal needs, taking care of things here and there a whole week, then suddenly having TOTALLY none, other than taking care Langit and the house. How insignificant would that feel?

One would never understand until (s)he’s wearing the same shoes.

As I always believe, no one should be responsible for your own happiness. Happiness is something that you should fight for and find within yourself. If you cant make it on your own, no one would and could ever make you happy.

Thus, as soon as everyone was settled with their own routines, I started finding mine. I have been joining an exercise class since I was 18. It’s one of my favorite routines. So, the first thing I did was registered in nearby exercise class. So far, I enjoy it a lot.

The next thing was looking for some works to do outside. I was looking, reading many things on the internet until I found something that suited me the most and, strangely, it feels satisfying. This one also deserves another post alone.

I also signed up for an exam and currently waiting for the result. Those before exam days were one of the most highly spiritful days. Having something to look forward to, having something that you want to achieve, I can’t imagine life without something that you want to strive for.

Another best thing living here is having enough time to do things that really matter the most. During these six months, I have spared and allocated my time and energy to teach Langit some new things and once again, I couldn’t believe, it feels so rewarding.

We’re learning new things together, doing it everyday, no excuse. In these few months, I have seen how daily habits done little by little, make so much difference. I could not say how grateful and proud I am of her.

I also have enough time to do things I love. Reading and traveling. Good library full of great books and good public transport allow me to enjoy the life in this city whole-heartedly. I have been reading much more books in these six months than I have in the last 10 years maybe.

Once a week, I set some new place to visit by trying new route through bus, underground, or overground within zone 2 oyster card. I love the walking around here and there in silence, watching people, seeing new things. I am grateful beyond words to be granted such chance to live in this city.

Guess that’s the general update for now.

May everyone stay safe and be protected from any harms as this year has been so rough from the beginning.

Just like Barney the dinosaur said, with modification,

Cause life is tough. And so are you.


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