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1st : Life in the Time of Corona

We are now currently facing the huge pandemic of Corona, and London keeps having more cases since the beginning of March.

We have been staying at home from last Friday. The doctor had been sent home right after his hospital, which should have been cleared from the virus, confirmed its first case last week. The government had announced the school closure starting 20 March for the whole UK.

After doing 10 days of self isolation with my housemates, witnessing and experiencing the frustration for finding basic needs, checking to almost every store, having intense fear of being outside and facing the crowd, some thoughts occured.

It would be a good idea to stop counting the x-th day of WFH or whatever the hashtag is and slowly start accepting this is a new normal situation.

It’s not a two weeks holiday at home instead a daily life that would or very likely last at least a year ahead.

It wont hurt to start thinking and preparing how to survive and adapt with the new life.

More than ever, it’s proven that having daily habits at home, done consistently every single day, would be so helpful for the adults and the kids to keep the sanity. Even babies need their own habit and rhytm. We can’t live continously with holiday mode.

More than ever, the golden rule of finance is proven : Cash is king. The importance of having emergency fund to support at least 6-12 months of life become non-negotiable.

More than ever, everyone has a chance to feel a tiny pinch of what a newborn mother felt.

Facing a new life with zero experience, limited access to be outside, limited chance to have a proper amount of social interaction, no difference feeling between weekdays or weekend, dealing with lots of uncertain things ahead and how stressful such situation is until the famous What to Expect the First Year described :

“There’s no other job as emotionally and physically taxing as parenting in the first year”.

But, the good news is, just like rainbow days, stormy days have also its expiry date.

This too shall pass.
The panic buying and stock piling will end.

One of BBC articles, (unlike the Post Partum Depression in newbornmother), it’s corona recession, not yet depression. Hopefully will never be.

In the mean time, we just have to do everything in our power, to survive, together.

*Self isolation itself is not that hard as a bunch of boring introvert.

How almost every supermarket in UK look like these days :

The whole world goes down by something invisible, intangible, yet so powerful.

Verily, there are sigs for those who reflect.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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