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6th : (Ramadan) Life in the Time of Corona

It’s been six weeks after lockdown announced in UK and things are slowly getting better.

After weeks, Deptford Market Yard returned to bussiness and Lidl pastry section started opening too last week. It’s not really the time to back to normal yet, because new cases are still coming although death numbers are declining.

Ramadan started last Friday. It’s the first time having Ramadan in this unfamiliar setting. No sound of imsak, adzan maghrib and tarawih, no street food takjil. Ramadan in spring makes long hours of fasting. While in Indonesia, fasting takes around 13 hours, here it lasts for 17-18 hours. Subuh is getting earlier by two minutes while maghrib is getting late by three minutes each day. At the end of Ramadan, we should stop eating as early as 3 am and having ifthar at 9 pm. It’s quite tough.

Somehow I think, lockdown makes it easier. Less distractions to go outside, school, mosque are closed. The highlight is having the little girl her very first fasting in her life. She’s been diligently fasting for 8 am until zuhur at 1 pm since the first day. Presents are waiting at the end of every 10 days😀.

Hopefully we can spend this Ramadan in good health and safely passed this pandemic together until the end.


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