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7th : (Ramadan) Life in the Time of Corona

We have passed the first ten days of Ramadan and currently on 13th day. Subuh is getting early while maghrib is getting late. Morning walk is rarely done since the spring weather has been pretty cold for the past few days. Other than that, the long hours fasting is a priority for now. One thing that I never let go daily is home workout exercise. Fasting and workout are two things that I can handle, with other compulsory things like I wrote once in Puasa Ramadan, Menyusui, dan Olahraga and Puasa Sunnah, Menyusui, dan Olahraga.

Little girl had successfully finished her 10 first days strongly. For the second leg, we added 2 more hours of her fasting duration. Instead of longer ifthar, I decided to try earlier sahur. I think is easier for her since she is an early riser. Prolong the ifthar might be harder for her. Maybe. I still dont know which will work for the third leg, but so far she’s been so excited and doing the fast well.

We give her one star each day once she finished her fasting and some little present at the end of ten days. She had opened her first present three days ago. We promised her a small present if she manages to fast for the next 10 days, a medium one and when she completes all 30 days, a big one will wait for her.

It’s been so far the most calm Ramadan I have ever experienced. I stopped coming to ifthar outside since 8 years ago. The only place I need for ifthar is at home. Unless it is unavoidable, after a long day of fasting, the least that I need is being somewhere without my comfortable pyjamas or daster. I need to break the fasting peacefully. Thats why I always ask Langit to stay away from the table when adzan maghrib comes. The houseworks are still manageable since I always plan ahead. I am lucky I dont have to do all the cooking.

One big progress is consistenly doing my tarawih with the least skip in years. It takes bigger effort to do tarawih more than the fasting for me. I hope the mind will keep it until the end. The older you are, the older you realize that refrain yourself from eating and drinking is not that hard. But, fighting to do what’s right over the easy, when it’s not compulsory, that’s the real fight. And the hardest battle is the one that you deal with yourself.

Lockdown life in UK still keeps going. It might be extended for more weeks and it’s surely the right thing to do. The peak has passed, but it’s still not enough to be relaxed. Nothing really matters right now other than being healthy until we could safely passed this together.

May the rest of Ramadan brings more blessing for everyone.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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