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8th : (Some Thoughts About) Life in the time of Corona

It has been the third month and current situation is getting hard for many people. The battle against the virus slowly turns into the battle against boredom, frustration, and maybe depression. Some hashtags were trending such as #whenthisisover, #aftercorona, etc.

It’s totally understandable. But, sometimes the least that we need during a long battle is expectation. The expectation that this will finish soon, back to the old normal, vaccine will be available, even some more confidence plans like traveling at the end of the year. Hope is surely important. That’s what gives us strength to keep going. But, just like the old saying, hope and expectation always kill.

I think what we really need right now is adaptation and high and higher acceptance.

For someone who get used staying at home from years before by my own choice, I couldn’t say I enjoy current situation a lot, but I found this is not bad at all, as long as we’re healthy and have no issue about providing our basic necessities. I have two measurable things of my own happiness since long : being healthy and have no worry about shopping grocery. When those two met, then I have had enough.

Being healthy has been always in my top prayer item. It was one reason that made me quit full time job ten years ago. Healthy is not about physically healthy, but also the peace inside. Life is surely not all rainbow, but when hard times strike, I find it’s more bearable when I have more power about how to spend my own daily life. The freedom to be able to choose is priceless.

Boredom is rarely an issue because staying at home doesnt make me planless. I have my own daily schedule, something in my head, some writing to read, some time to do light exercise, taking care some stuff at home, and taking care the place I live. With Langit is here, it makes day even easier because I have another important thing to take care of. Being bored rarely happens. Just like the little creature in The Cave said,

Only boring creature gets bored.

One period of daily life that I feel hard to be survived is when menstruation comes. Daily life without salat feels like life with no firm boundaries. It’s confusing and more tiring. Without my other daily schedules, it could be the most frustrating time.

Human connection is important of course. But then, this virus shows which human(s) whom we should build connection the most in the end. The best investment that you can make for somone who really matters is time.

This pandemic brings so many important blessing in disguises for me. Having more of the little girl at home, adequate and proper time to teach five times prayer, even better, to experience her first Ramadan, homeschool her without too much pressure, and a chance to be shown how she much she has improved and done well dealing with current situation. I can’t say how much I am proud of her.

When I looked back, everything I am of now, somehow it returned to one of the biggest investments that my parents did for me, which was those thirteen years I spent doing Piano in Sekolah Musik Yayasan Pendidikan Musik (SM YPM) .

Surviving one non-compulsory thing for such a long time taught so much about persistence, determination, commitment, survival, adaptation, discipline, grit, hard work, in short, all the things to survive any situations in life. It gives me shiver how those thirteen years keep giving more returns in many unexplicable ways, until now.

It’s been around five years when I decided to spare one best slot of the days in the week for one(s) who supported me in every way to survive those years.

Since the beginning of Life in the time of Corona post series, I have said that it’s best to keep in mind that this situation will last longer than we imagine. So, we could make it easier by setting daily schedule, taking care the place we live, making daily and weekly plans, and totally dropping the long term ones. Slowly change what we can do and keep finding something to enjoy more of daily life. With what we have, right where we are.

In the end, everthing happens for a reason. I couldn’t be more grateful to be living in a place with fresh air, nice weather, quiet and calm neighbourhood, good public tranportation, with my ring 1 during this pandemic life.

It turns out to be one of the best things about (Ngga) Enaknya Pindah ke London Bagian I.

London, 17 Ramadan 1441 H.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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