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The (Not So) Bright Future of Indonesia Education Result

I intended to have the word ‘dark’ above. But, let’s keep the hope alive.

As other countries have been easing their lockdown since the curve has flatenned, the most frustrating home country couldn’t help waiting to do the same by releasing ‘new normal package’. The absurd thing is they’re doing this when the curve has nothing close to be flattened, in fact, it keeps soaring. While there are no more tests, no tracing, no self quarantine, basically almost no significant effort to strongly, stubbornly flatten the curve.

While the efforts from the government feel pretty useless, the citizens are not even better. Leisurely going out without the mask, ignoring social distancing, and many more.

When incompetent government meets ignorant citizens, that’s the price we have to pay.

How a country be more screwed than this?

In my opinion, we’re currently watching the result about the absence of some basic skills that supposed to be nurtured and mastered since early childhood :

– self discipline

– empathy

– literacy and numeracy

It surely becomes the big homeworks for the parents of future generation.

It’s really the most crucial and right time for those education policy makers to re-design early childhood and primary education curriculum. It becomes obvious to strongly emphasize some basic skills and values that should be nurtured in all school without exception. Make it a compulsory course for all school and children whatever curriculum they use, no matter what kind of school they run.

It takes a village to raise a child. But, above that, it takes the right and well-run policies to create physically and mentally strong future generation who will make a strong respectable country.

Self discipline to deal with themselves in any situations.

Empathy to deal with others without prejudice, whatever background they have.

Strong literacy and numeracy to understand how anything in this world works.

Those three would be good enough.

With them, then maybe we could have a brighter future than the current situation.


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