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The Scary World We Live In

It’s almost impossible to not being overwhelmed watching everything happen in these few past days, not to say the past few months.

The death of George Floyd who made the whole world filled the street and loudly screamed to abolish any forms of racism. Then yesterday, the old case of Shukri Abdi, 12 year old Somalian girl from Manchester who died of drowning because of bullying, and so many other things that put heavy weigh in the heart. The world looks three times more scary after motherhood.

I have known for long the world is scary, even in the early years I once wrote something about that in The World Against (Y)Our Introverted-Child. With this heavy heart, the homeworks for parents are getting harder. It turns out that it’s not enough to not to be racist. But, more than ever, it’s so important to be anti-racist.

Living in a city where we’re part of minorities, it’s such a blessing that until this very second since nine months ago, I have never been in any situations where I am treated unfairly. No matter where I go. So far, this city has been so kind to all of us. But, I have just realized that even London has a moslem mayor.

I am quite certain to say that I am not racist. I dont have any problems about making friends with anyone regardless their religion or race. Honestly, for someone who is always having hard time in dealing with people, I am glad enough if someone considered me as their friend.

But, I am not sure about doing a self-proclaimed that I am anti-racist. I might have been an unconscious racist in certain conditions or things. Then, the homeworks to teach such thing to the little girl is getting harder. You cant teach something that you dont even have no knowledge or experience.

The experience of being a part of minorities becomes one of the most valuable lesson. Things like travelling could help, although not much. Short duration wont make long lasting impact.

Maybe what we need is to be constantly exposed in a setting where differences become common. Deal with any kind of people from any backgrounds considered as something normal. Understand that we might be different in small things like our looks, beliefs, and preference, but on the greater side, we are all the same human who just want to be treated fairly by anyone, and kindness is a universal currency that accepted everywhere.

My heart always stings whenever I am thinking about the future years this little girl will have to deal with.

Found this enlightning video delivered by the most passionate Islamic studies NON MUSLIM scholar which tells the clear definition about non-racist and anti racist.

The first anti-racist person in the whole world turned out to be the best man in the world who is so dear to us, moslem.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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