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Resuming Lives

Monday, 15th June 2020 became the first day of the re-opening all non essential store across UK after the official lockdown in last March. People were queuing from early morning to enter Primark and other Oxford Street’s darlings last Monday.

At certain point, I understand the reason behind such thing. Being in a represive state for three months is hard, extremely hard for some people.

Freedom is priceless.

But on the other side, have these three months taught lots of things such we actually dont need too much to live? (Reallyyyy? Asked all the purchase made during lockdown). Managed to survive these three months by doing only the most essential things to survive.

Going outside for doing groceries and daily walk only, once until thrice a week. Daily workout everyday with Daniel and Alex in my bedroom to keep my sanity, daily dose of dramaland friends, and recently, baking becomes something that gives unexplicable calm, spent time with the little girl and the doctor. I have known that home is where I belong the most since 10 years ago when I decided to quit full time job. But this pandemic made it obvious that home is (or should be) the centre of our life. Taking care and investing more energy on it should be something that we prioritized above anything.

It’s where we start and where we will return.

After these three months, personally, I am not really sure that back to the old normal is a good idea. I love the new regulation of not sharing seats with strangers in public transport, I love the idea that school and work could be balanced between doing it from home and on site plus the reduced working hours. I like the absence of morning rush, I like flexibility between schedule, I love keeping safe distance from other people, or maybe in short, it’s just because I love slow and quiet life too much. It might not be suitable for everyone.

I am fully aware about many privileges in my pocket that make surviving this situation well. No money issue eliminated the struggle by 70%. At times when people are losing job, work hard to make ends meet outside, being able to stay at home is precious. No specific mental health issue to deal with thanks to many things nurtured in the past.

Being physically and mentally healthy are priceless.

A message text just came this morning saying that little girl is invited to go back to school from Monday. I am torn between happy and worry. Happy because I think she really needs it already. Worry because she will start being exposed to outsiders which we have no control about many things.

I dont think we could really back to the old situation after this. Just can’t imagine how. Or maybe, not too fast. Instead of excitement, return to the old lifes bring more anxiety. Funny, eh?

In every turn, always wish nothing but Allah’s guidance and protection to walk every path we (choose to) take.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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