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The Passings

Rarely concerned and made loud buzzing about stranger’s death unless it’s someone whose works deeply touched and enjoyed by heart and mind.

I found out Clayton Christensen passing in January recently and today, I found about the passing of Anders Ericsson two days ago.

Both are psychological book writers whose works I really admire.

Prof Christensen is Harvard Bussiness School professor who wrote How to Measure Your Life. His book was neatly and systematically written. He explained how bussiness theories are also applicable to other settings in life such as marriage, parenting and career. I borrowed his book from the library and had been renewing it for 20 times, because I wanted to keep reading it.

Anders Ericsson is Swedish Psychologist who had been studying about expertise for 30 years. His book, ‘Peak’, explained that an expert is never born, they are always made. Through the years of practice, to be spesific, deliberate practice. Many examples written is so entertaining until you will believe, there’s almost nothing that you can’t do, if you set your whole mind, body, time and energy to master something.

Thank you for such great works.

May you both rest in peace.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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