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After 30 Years

I have been watching the doctor rooting for the club for 18 years (out of 22 years).

I’ve been witnessing how the mood could very much affected by the match result. That high school silly boy.

I have been listening to his (frustrating, exciting) rants for so many times.

Once listened to his almost two hours whinning when Torres moved to another club through international roaming phone calls (scary).

Once accompanied him watching the club play at GBK until late night when they visited Jakarta few years ago.

Twice accompanied him to Anfield. The first time for appetizer and warming up, the second time for main course, singing the anthem with the other birds that flocked together. Maybe the third time needed for the sweet dessert?

Not a fan of the club, but, watching their journey for years, step by step, progress by progress, it’s unimaginable to finally see the end of 30 years of waiting.

2015/16: 7th rank EPL + Final UEL + Final League Cup

2016/17: 4th rank EPL

2017/18: 4th rank EPL + Final UCL

2018/19: 2nd rank EPL + Champions UCL + Champions Super Cup + Champions Club World Cup

2019/20: Champions EPL

One thing about this, you can hate the club, but you can’t help falling for the Klopp. They can start building Klopp statue in front of the main gate. He deserves it.

Look at him being humble here. Giving credit to everyone but himself.

Everything will fall into its place when its about the time. They have all the right things to deserve the trophy.

The right attitude.
The right coach.
The right team.
The highest score with the biggest difference with the runner up.
The earliest to win the title.

Above all those winning points, yet, they have the most quiet celebration in EPL history after postponing the league for 13 weeks due to the pandemic.

From James Clear,

“You always hold the rights to your effort, but never to your results.

Results are entitled to no one. At best, they are on loan and must be renewed each day.

All you own is the right to try.”

Congratulations for the Champion of England title, Lads.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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