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Summer Time

Summer is here. My least favorite season of the year, which for some people it’s the most enjoyable period when the day is long, sun is out, and it’s holiday.

The toughest part of summer is the praying schedule. Having subuh as early as 2.40 and isya as late as 10.43 is quite hard. But, it will slowly getting better. The temperature keeps rising for the last few days and it reached 30 celcius for these two days. The weather seems sending the signal to the body and mind to remind that they will soon deal with such temperature again. Yes, the end of this long holiday is near.

More and deeeper rants about that later.

As summer comes and curve flatenned, the UK government has announced another stage of easing lockdown yesterday. Start from 4th July, almost every bussiness could reopen their door. Hairdresser, library, children playground, pubs, museums, galleries, hotel, campsite, and dine in restaurant. After three months, it’s nervously excited to have all those things back.

Resuming holiday still takes lots of doubt. Because things will never be the same again after this. The anxiety is still bigger than the excitement. It feels like torn between keep being safe at home just like what we have for these three months and the longing for being in a new place once again.

While the other countries have started to slowly enjoy old normal life, Indonesia forced itself to join the crowd when more cases are available. Still, the shameless government keeps doing NOTHING significant to improve the situation. Three months have passed without any clear strategies.

Have I told you lately that we’re hopeless? I have and will be telling that again and again. It’s heart-wrenching knowing that going back to the place with stupid, ignorant, useless government is unavoidable.

Six out of twelve months have passed. Hopefully things will get better in the next six months.

Greeting Hello Summer with soft whisper and loud prayer.

Trafalgar Square today : never would imagine sunny summer day in London to be this empty


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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