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First time after Five Months : Penrith-Lake District

As UK travel ban lifted and hospitality bussines started reopening last week, also following the advice from RCOA for his staff to have a break (also, Frederick Square staff needed some break too), we carefully chose the destination.

Lake District has been on my bucket list since it was Naomi and Danny first virtual dating place in Summer in London (again, it’s from a book). They described Lake District as one of the most beautiful places in England. It has list of many AONB places, An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We picked Penrith as it is one of the towns to enter Lake District.

After five months, resuming traveling gives a whole different feeling. Couldn’t help feeling anxious, cautious, mostly because people here not really taking mask seriously. Luckily, mask is still compulsory in any public transportations. I am waiting for the time when not wearing mask can cause one a huge fine until vaccine is widely available.

But then, it also has one silver lining :

No more aisle seat and a chance to seat next to stranger for hours. Everyone should go by the window seat.

It was quite sad watching all the closed shops and the empty streets. Even a city as big as London, let alone the small cities. Some crowd seen in car park where people would go camping and trekking. It really took longer than expected for everything to recover. Hopefully, we would arrive there safe and sane, one day.

The view on the way to Penrith :


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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