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Lake Distric Trip : Derwent Water-Saint Bees-Lingholm Estate-Crummock Water-Buttermere

After the first day of Lake District Trip : Penrith-Windermere-Grasmere-Stone Circle, Some expectation has been adjusted for the second day. I clearly said that I didn’t really need so many places to stop by. I just need my picnic by the lake. It would be too dissapointing visiting Lake District without it. A chance to return to such place would be too small in the future.

I had one strong reason about being so annoying about this picnic thing. I was once having this kind of thing during the two months in Manchester back in 1994 with my family. You don’t underestimate how powerful happy childhood memories is. It stays longer more than you could think of as confirmed by Meik Wiking in his book below.

Blur picture, vivid memory : Picnic in Peak District 1994

After being grumpy a whole previous day, in our first stop my wish was granted. We had picnic by the lake in Derwentwater. From the lake, we could see the hill where the sheeps were enjoying their time, munching grass or just lazing around. The wind was pretty strong and it was cloudy at that time.

Done with enjoying the right amount of picnic, we proceeded to the next stop : Lingholm Estate. This is an itinerary arranged for the little girl. Here, we had a tour with alpaca, the cute little creature, a cousin to camel.

Lingholm Estate was a big estate by the lake where people could do trekking or eating in Lingholm Kitchen. We booked a session in 12.45 and since it wasn’t a normal situation, there were only two small groups of people with our own guide. We paid for 2 adults while the little girl paid none. So, we got 2 alpacas to walk around with us.

Popeye and Jahraz were the two Alpacas given to us. Me and Langit went with Popeye. He was a very nice and lazy alpaca who loved stopping and eating grass every few meters. We walked for an hour through the lake, forest and around the estate. It was beautiful.

Ste was our guide that day. Within an hour, everyone who met him would clearly see his huge love for his job. The way he explained about the Alpacas, the way he talked to them, the sparkling eyes and genuine smile were too obvious. When normally we have a dog person or cat person, then Ste is obviously an alpaca person.

He told us that he started as an ordinary guest just like us when he had totally fell in love with these creatures. He visited on March then by June, he had already landed at this job. I always have big respect and admiration to this kind of people. They know what they want, have the courage to pursue it, no matter how far from flashy it looks.

We had lunch in Lingholm kitchen and prayed in the car then continued the trip to Saint Bees.

Saint Bees is a less famous coastal beach in Lake District. We were so lucky that day the weather was so fine. The blue sky and sunshine were available throughout the day.

Not so many people in Saint Bees that day. Most of them were the elders or maybe local people. It wasn’t the beach for swimming but a perfect one to enjoy the sunshine, blue sky, the sound of the wave, and the beautiful hill next to the beach.

Honestly, there were so many times where the heart felt like being pinched watching these beautiful views. Saint Bees was one them.

It was 7 pm when we left Saint Bees and still had one last itinerary.

To the famous Buttermere.

Similar to the last trip to Scotland, the last itinerary was the highlight of the trip. SATNAV, the map tool, directed us through some narrow streets instead of big one. But then, the view out there was so breathtaking.

It was so quiet, peaceful and serene. It felt surreal to see all these beautiful nature and how different it was with the city landscape.

Maybe I was too grumpy about the picnic on the previous day until the next day, I was granted not only one but two picnics by the lake.

The second one in Crummock Water was way more beautiful than one in Derwent Water. The silence, the almost sunset view, the sound of the sparkling water. Such place does really exist in this world. We had our dinner in Crummock Water and Langit had some time throwing stones to the lake.

We still had Buttermere for our very last stop which only few minutes away from Crummock Water. Buttermere is a small village by the lake and often considered as the most beautiful Lake in Lake District. Crummock Water is actually also a part of Buttermere. The stunning view level is obviously higher than the lakes we visited on the first day.

We practically had the whole lake for ourselves in Buttermere. The hands couldnt stop taking picture. More with my favorite time of the day, made everything look more photogenic.

How ungrateful the heart was on the first day and how much it filled with gratitude on the next day.

To be granted a chance to travel safely after five months in this unusual situation, and many more, sometimes, other than being extremely grateful, I am just too scared to receive so much.

May the heart always stays low when life is on high paces and be patient (which is so hard) during the (s)low times.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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