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The Last Day of the Happiest School Year

Yesterday was the last day of the most wonderful school year, so far. Not only for the little girl, but also for the parents. I never knew before one year could make so much differences.

A school where we found the answer to years of confusion and frustration. I will really write about this later.

A school which set a whole new standard to the next school we choose for this girl.

A school which gives more than we could ever imagine. Once wrote about this previously in This Cool School.

Instead of being bullied at her first day like few years ago, or clearly being left behind in a baby class by those who called themselves child psychlogist, and some other unpleasant experience, the whole part of this school is truly accepted just the way she is.

That is really important for us.

Not only they offered a huge help about her major problem, they provided the solution as well. Our endless thank yous were replied by : “No, no, it’s fine. That’s our job here” and “It’s our pleasure to work with her”. We didnt even spend a single penny for that.

I already wanted to cry here.

Having no one to really keen of her and couldn’t mingle with the gang of kindergirls previously(it was tough), there’s nothing that made me happier to see how these kids here treated her. They shouted her name, waved her from a far when we met in the street, “HI LENGGIT!”, said goodbye when the school was over, ” BYE LENGGIT!”, spared her some space on the line, took care of her, and sincerely liked her.

Just like today in the park, when she saw some friends from another class playing bubbles together, she slowly approached them but too shy to ask, one of the little girl asked :

“Lenggit, do you want to join us? ”

Those were priceless. And surely made me cry.

We’re fully aware and totally accept she’s not the brightest type. Among 16 areas, half of them are still below standard. We have a lot of homeworks to do.

But the good news is, she has the right attitude about learning and also has secured few things that she loves, being good at, and recognized well by the teacher such as reading and music.

Hope she could continue to find joy in those two while facing and dealing with harder times in the future and keep working on (many) of her other homeworks.

The last day was marked by the tears flowing on the school pick up ranting about how she would miss her bestfriend and endlessly asked when her bestfriend would come to our house.

Summer break until September begins.


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