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A Capricious Year and Occlumency

This year has been giving non-stop hard works for every part of our senses. A lot of things happened in these few past months have been eye-opening, leave us speechless, make the ears listen more to what’s important, literally and unliterally, and surely break the heart for countless times.

It’s overwhelming yet unavoidable. Witnessing how fast the world change, from the smallest habit to the biggest policy. Before this, washing hand was some ordinary mundane thing to do and now it could become a matter of life and death. Wearing mask once only belonged to certain ethnics or people, now, it becomes a world wide compulsory fashion item. Shake hands and kiss were once considered as normal greetings, now it becomes a crime if we do that. Sardened in subway once considered as a daily thing to deal. But now, don’t even think to get close to anyone less than 2 meters apart.

In the smaller circle, witnessing how a person’s life could turn upside down in one night is also confusing and surprising, no matter how much understanding the mind has that life is always about clear and dark weather taking turn. It feels like being continously warned to not to get too excited and fly too high when the weather is nice and keep being patient when the dark weather comes.

The problem is it’s so easy to lose control when everything is going well. Thinking it will last forever. Doing whatever with so little conciousness. Forgetting that bad things never come alone and attack when we’re least prepared.

We plan things to the smallest detail, thinking how well we prepare for everything but often forget that we have totally no control about the end result. We see someone whose talk, appearance and achievements look amazing for public but then, it crumbled into pieces in one night. Suddenly all the talk becomes total nonsense and those achievements feel nothing but some bullshit trash.

Since social media era, we’re really dealing with too much noise, and this year is especially loud. It becomes important to be able to narrow our focus to the things, what and who that we consider really matter. It reminds me of one lesson that Harry Potter did with Snape : Occlumency.

It showed how important for someone to be able to control the mind, to prevent unwanted action from the influence of uncontrolled mind. In the book or movie we could see that Harry couldn’t master Occlumency because he couldn’t shut down emotion, he was hot-headed, ready to spring into action, unable to stop himself biting back. Draco Malfoy, on the other hand, was well able to control himself according to the circumstances.

Self control is the key word and how it is truly applicable in this current situation. We truly can choose what goes inside our mind, things that we allow to enter our mind then could influence our action. Because what we see and consume daily will unconciously make some influence to our choice and action.

It is similar to doing a diet about food. We choose carefully what kind of food we consume to keep our weight on the track. Even according to some articles, what we eat also have some impact to how we act. It’s true that healthy food makes healthy mind. With the same analogy, we can choose what kind of people we follow in social media, what kind of books we read, what kind of debate we should ignore, and everything that we give permission to influence our life.

Setting up daily schedule, rearrange the priotities, set our own standard, choose things to where the energy flows, all those become things that one should better give some spare time for self-training, even for little kids. More than ever, children urgently need help in dealing with so many distractions outside. Without having our own definiton of happiness and sufficiency, it would be too draining to keep up with everything that have been shown out there.

If Arkarna says “so little time so much to do”, for me it’s been “so little energy so much to handle”.

Choose what kind of battle we want to fight carefully.

Practice occlumency.

A closing statement taken from this article.


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