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Regular Life VS Occasional Tourist in London

It’s certainly different vibe between living and being a tourist in this city.

Regular life in London is either dealing with house works and the little girl’s lessons or having short trip mostly between school and market. The uniforms worn are sneakers and shirt with backpack, shopping bag or shopping trolley. Two hours spent by moving from one supermarket to another, choosing which ingredients to buy, standing and thinking hard on the pastry section, the discounted fruits and vegetables, making decision which item to be taken home in When it’s Gone Its Gone section.

Always go home with bags full of stuff.

While being (regular) tourist in the central spent by walking around Leicester Square-Covent Garden-Seven Dials-China Town-Oxford Street-Regent Street then finished at Piccadily Circus. Dressing up wearing blazer, nice blouse, and suede boots. A proper attire to be comfortably going in and out certain stores.

Two hours spent by choosing books on the sale basket, went in and out few book stores, stopping by little shops around the corner, taking the less crowded small alleys, people watching, listening to different languages spoken everywhere, enjoying performance from street musicians while munching some snack brought from home.

Always go home with the slightly lighter bags since the snack and water bottle are gone. Almost no stuff bought, unless it’s something needed.

Just like today, playing tourist in the last batch of lovely summer weather. Moving from one landmark to another by walk without maps. Just turned left or right in any interesting streets seen, until the time was up.

Went home by the nearest tube station and stopped at the interchange station for Jubilee line. Sitting in front of a couple, watched the girl busy cleaning her new spotless white shoes. Turned out it was Alexander Mcqueen. No wonder then.

London underground has never been so comfortable than ever. Space between seats, mask on for everyone. No more sardened in tube madness.

Arrived home tired yet happy. Had a bowl of cereal for lunch, short nap and changed to the usual uniforms. Comfortable shirt and sneakers. Ready for school pick up.

Enjoying the regular life as much as being an occasional tourist in this city, something considered far beyond lucky.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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