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Seven Months After Life in the Time of Corona

“Days are long, years are short” described this new life situation perfectly.

It’s quite a mixed feeling to answer the question about how it feels to witness everything for the past seven months. Every single day feels like fighting a battle that we really don’t know what, yet months have passed in a blink of an eye.

Every morning waking up with certain amount of anxieties mixed with a bit of hope and at the end of the day, the heart filled with gratitude, for a chance to have passed one day safely. Because, you’ll just never know what tomorrow will bring. Surviving one day safely and sane matter.

From my eyes, the real life in reality is nowhere to get back to old normal. Little girl has been returning to school for a month with new procedures, she left the school few months ago without anything on her face then since few weeks ago, she now has a glasses to help her with her sight.

In some public places, every face covered with masks especially closed spaces like bus, tube, and supermarket. Face covering is slowly accepted as a part of daily fashion. Something that is out of picture months ago.

London has not returned to its real life. Without tourists flocking in famous landmarks and attractions, London feels like just another less famous city. It’s really something to live in London in this period. To be able enjoying Piccadily square, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square without the crowd, it’s both weird and great.

Both pictures below taken last week in the first day of sunny autumn. More than three times visiting this place, it was hard to believe, there’s almost no group of tourists in such best weather and season in one of the most visited landmarks.

Personally, this year is too ‘okay’ to be described as hard yet too ‘crazy’ to say this easy. Maybe the right word is confusing. Sometimes the anxiety feels so torturing yet if the mind in the clear and calmest state, it’s been a year full of many obvious blessings and in disguise ones.

Hope everyone will get through this year and all their hardship safely and sanely.



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