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Second Lockdown and Count Down

England has entered second lockdown since last week. It’s not as strict as the first one since school is still open. Keeping the school open is a vital decision and I am glad they chose to do so.

But somehow, this second lockdown seems a bit more confusing than the first one. Not that I want to go back to the first one, but it just a bit uncertain for many things. Playground is open, you can still meet with other household in outdoor. Then, it’s not much different than the previous phase.

Maybe the only significant thing is you cant eat out and travel for leisure anymore. Restaurant only open for take away and delivery.

Meanwhile, we also start counting down our time here. Welcoming boxes and messes once again in the house. The second lockdown somehow gives a sense of early farewell with those restrictions applied.

Compared to the time while I was writing waiting game, this time the heart is more ready, in spite of facing more uncertain things in the future back home. But, we’ve been dealing with those uncertainties for the past few years. Life has been unpredictably excited since 2016. One thing always leads to another.

We have plans of course, but life as we know it, always has something at the end. Something that is rarely included in our initial plan, yet they almost always turn to be the best one. For someone with lots of worries, I often wonder whether I should worry too much or not. But, without worrying, I won’t plan carefully and pray desperately just like I always do for many things. There are times when I feel like to explode because sometimes the worry takes over all the empty space in my brain.

Secret of Divine Love in one of its pages said :

Do not place a period where God has placed a comma, because God’s plan stretches beyond your moments of doubt and fear.

Although there’s no doubt about that, It still feels easier said than done.

The heart has also currently been working a bit hard due to recent circumstances. A sick friend who’s currently in ICU, a sad news of the sudden passing of an acquaintance long ago who left her two little daughters behind.

This year has been strangely bad and sad in on side, yet it gives so many uncountable blessings in another side. To be healthy and safely made it to this point is one of them, right? If there’s anything that we should take into account from this year is, never take this life for granted anymore.

Not when it’s extremely short and precious.

Well, maybe that’s all for now.

☹It’s been few weeks and still couldn’t upload any pictures from this app, from any devices.


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