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What 30 November Means

Been told the little girl since last month that we would write cards to each of her classmates and teachers to say our thanks and good bye.

Making a little kid wrote around 35 letters, that was tough. Thus, the manager planned doing it in six sittings for three weeks, every weekend.

Some writings were untolerably messy and should be thrown to the bin and asked her to redo it. Some sessions were rainbows while the other one needed high tension negotiation.

In the end, we got the job done.

No fruit and veggies to share allowed this year for birthday (which is a yay), so the brain should think another way. The teacher at school suggested stickers.

Sudden idea came during my walking alone in London session just few days before the d-day. Thought a pin badge with the color of her class and the initial would be a better idea than stickers.

Buying written cards and stickers might be easier and cheaper, but a hand writing with effort and a pin badge seemed better as a souvenir for something that you treasure dearly. Along with the card and the badge, we add books for everyone to enjoy.

On the doctor’s last working day in his hospital, we planned to buy pizza. But, we reconsidered the idea once again and decided to have a signature Indonesian food made by proper Indonesian cook.

We initially ordered certain amount of servings and ended up adding few more, afraid that it wont cover ‘everyone’ properly.

Pizza is surely easier and cheaper, but authentic Indonesian Mie Goreng, it’s something they wont find just anywhere.

Everyone was impressed by two things. First, asked him repeatedly : “How much do you spend for this?!” and the second was of course the food until it became the talk of the hospital for the whole week.

For everything that we have received here, giving a proper farewell within our means is the way we return all the favors. But above all, because it’s the right thing to do.

This date marked the eighth years since I bid farewell to the one who taught me about doing the right things and things right as much as we can in any circumstances and showed how to do a proper farewell until the last breath.

For every right things I have done, all credit goes to her.

Al fatihah.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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