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Farewell to London

My own farewell with this city is nothing about grand things.

It is about farewell to small meaningful things personally.

A farewell to enjoyable slow everyday life in this city. Like thinking hard in front of pastry sections during groceries, running out of breath catching the morning school bus, swearing to the cold piercing weather, cleaning the kitchen mess, opening the window every morning and say hi to the view out there. Watching beautiful sunrise and sunset as much as I can.

Farewell to the time I take care myself best for the last few years. Having proper time to do what I love doing like reading more than 80 books, writing more, doing daily exercise with no zero days.

Farewell to the time spent enjoying the city in my own pace. To the reliable and comfortable public transportation. Picking random bus/tube, visiting small independent book stores, museums, landmarks, garden and parks, watching people, exercising my overthinking talent, and taking a lot of pictures. Doing exactly things whats inside my head that made me crazily saving in certain currency during my 20s.

Farewell to the place I choose to learn something new. Like volunteering in one of social organizations who supports mothers and children in need and found joy in that. Tired but happy.

Above all, to be healthy, happy, and safe for the whole time being here, during this unprecedented time. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

The whole time I spent in London, I live by this definition of rich.

London has been beyond kind. He invited me three times so far.

First time, for 3 days in 1994 which I couldnt enjoy at all. Hot summer full of people and just recovered from chiken pox.

Second time for 1 week in 2017 which was quite high tension due to many reasons.

Maybe he knows I need to visit him again to really see what I have missed and invited me once again for the whole 15 months. It’s beyond human calculations thinking how very much on time I was invited back here.

Right when everything in previous duties finished well.

Right when I (and we) need it and ready to accept this.

Thank you for everything, London.

Who knows, I’ll see you again for another better reason and circumstances😉.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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