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Long Haul Flight with Emirates during Covid-19

I decided to book with Emirates over Qatar after reading that the latter didnt make PCR test compulsory for flying. Beside that, it’s been a while since I want to try Emirates again after the last time in 1994.

My first flight abroad to Manchester was Emirates and it was so impressive. So, this time my expectation was quite high.

And that became a jinx.

The reality was not up to the expectation. From check-in counter until on-board services.

We spent more than 1,5 hours queuing for check in and it was packed of people. Heathrow was full on the day we fly.

During boarding, it felt like we were not in Europe anymore. It was messy, crowded and the staff didnt do much to fix it. They called us based on seat rows. It was scheduled to take off at 13.40, but the plane was finally taking off at 15.00. Last minutes passengers kept coming.

The plane from London to Dubai was full, at least almost full. Three seats filled with two passengers, while the four seats with three passengers. Not sounds too good for current situation, right?

In a flight, they distributed a snack with hot drinks and a meal time. I didn’t order child meal considering it’s been always too bland but they still gave child meal for the little girl. The food variations on the tray was just so so. From the taste to variations. Fruits were absence. The taste was nothing extraordinary, or this is maybe really about my expectation speaking. The best airline meals that I have tried so far, the best one still goes to JAL. So does the service.

They dont give any special amenities for children, which Qatar does and also, as far that I know, Qatar gives face shield and child mask to little passengers. Safety kit were distributed on London-Dubai flight. It contained 3 ply of masks, gloves and wipes hand sanitizer.

Flight attendants were all wearing face mask, cap, and gloves. They’re attentive enough. In Dubai-Jakarta flight, I asked milk for the little girl to one of the FAs but she said they didnt have any other than the small cup to be poured on tea or coffee. I said it was okay. I just asked few of them. She gave me two and later returned with more in a cup. I said thank you and happy with the gesture. Not long, there were two FAs stopped by my seat and they handed me a box of white milk, and that was so far the most impressive service I had during two flights with Emirates that day.

But overall, I couldnt help comparing them with the service I received during two flights with JAL. So, the standard has been set pretty high. Something that is Japanese always do, in almost every aspect of life, just like when I write here.

Honestly, I didnt have any regrets choosing Emirates over Qatar, although it means losing a chance to earn the Qmiles points. I was curious about how their service and it’s been few times that I canceled Emirates for not losing Qmiles points.

My experience might be different considering the day we had the flights was the first day when lockdown was lifted in England. So people might have been waiting for that. Time they will be able to get out of the cold weather and fly to somewhere warmer.

Despite everything I wrote above, the most important things was they flew me safely back home. In current situation (and any situations), the most important thing of any services could do is to get their job done.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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