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Back to the Jungle

It’s been two weeks since the end of our London days. Two crazy weeks of so many high tension and risky things with current situation. It’s a huge relief that we have been through everything safely.

Finally found another nest to rest for next one year. Repeating the cycle of house viewings for the third time in three years. Taking risks meeting strangers because we didnt have any choice other than that. Luckily, we found one that we liked quickly and all the process went smoothly. After a week of staying at Airbnb, we moved in.

Filling the house was another story. Countless shopping sessions, boxes of decluttered things at the old home, moving things here and there, arguing about things to buy, taking care minor defects that suddenly appeared.

After one week in holiday mode and another week in unsettled house, I couldn’t be more grateful to be finally feel at home and just stay at home without thinking about things we didn’t have and haven’t done. I couldn’t be happier to be finally able to return to daily routines. Breakfast with choices, piano training with the little girl, exercise with Heather, arranging cooking and meal schedules, and many more.

The whole this moving thing is surely tiring. But, if I looked back, I would choose doing this all over again than any other choices.

Next week would be another different jungle to face when the doctor will resume work. It feels walking on the thin line between overthinking of the worst case and putting the highest trust on the Protector of all things. Trying hard to keep the balance to avoid falling into the despair.

Keeping the sanity is a tough job this year. All the uncertainties, unpleasant surprises, sad news, and the sudden changes happened in an instant, staying sane is such an underrated achievement. The tiniest victory, baby step progress, they deserve celebration.

As tiny as being able to beat subuh and resume sahur after two weeks of absence, like today.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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