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Living with Risk and Luck

It’s been almost a year living during this unusual situation. Some countries have more clear view ahead, but sadly, not us in this country with such stupid useless brainless and heartless government.

Unintentional decision to do the smallest thing could lead to something big that we can’t handle. We’re forced to think twice or thrice about everything we do, whether it is necessary, unavoidable, or even as a matter between life and death.

Sometimes it’s quite overwhelming and I found dealing with this in Jakarta is much more overwhelming. How can be deciding to go out for simple walk within less than 5 km take tens of googling for days as if I want to go out of town to the unknown jungle?

But then, it’s truly unknown jungle out there right now to be honest.

This reminds me a lot about the second chapter of a must-read book from last year by Morgan Housel in his Psychology of Money.

Luck and risk are two sides in the same coin and risk is more something that you can’t see. They are dopplegangers. They are siblings.

Many decisions made during this pandemic depends a lot by how we calculate the risks. From daily life to make ends meet to leisure things to keep the sanity.

The tricky part of this pandemic life is your decision is not all about you. It might have impact on other people and it could be the on the risk side instead of the luck. Visiting my parents’ house is no longer something that I could do without the second thought. Calculating time to visit, the duration, and many more.

Compared to London, in Jakarta the risk seems bigger. It’s not (only) about the virus but more of other things outside our control to deal with this new life. Like less reliable health system which gives you (almost) no space for being sick at the moment, the absence of green areas around the neighbourhood for daily walk or small parks with bench to sit and ponder in silence.

In the end, whatever decision we make, whatever risk we take, may we always be favoured with more good luck and protected from something that we can’t see and handle. Amin.

(I) Never going out without asking The Protector for that.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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