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Constant Craving

Walking and going around by public transportation have been one of my constant cravings but doing it here takes a bit effort. Time, distance, destination, accessablity, they should be taken into consideration. Risk is another point in current situation.

It should meet the requirements of this lazy person go-out-rules such as : the place and route taken are within manageable distance by public transport (no car) for a 7 yo and all done within 2 hours back and forth. The destination should be within certain budget spent there. Quiet and secluded are two other things for now.

Only three places that could move the heart : book store/library, parks, or ice cream shop.

The first one, we almost have none, or closed.

The second, we have few, but all is also closed.

The only choice left is the third one.

Who eats ice cream in the morning? We do.

Sudden finding of a gelato place which served in early morning, you can call it a hidden gem. Even better when the place is nice, quiet, semi outdoor, even better they have good gelato with many choices of flavours.

The sudden trip cost reduced morning piano practice time, left the dishes unwashed and quite long walking to and from the train station. Got lost a bit here and there because of my lack ability in map reading was unavoidable, yet, managed to find this secluded place without ended up calling bajaj for help.

Glad the buddy trip is no-complainer although she must be tired. She nailed the long walking in nice weather, quiet empty street and one and half cups of gelato as a reward.

Walking is always therapeutic. I love the empty street and empty angkot and train, the silence, the sound of bird chirping, the cloudy weather, talking while walking with the little girl.

It could’ve been better if it is easier and costs less so we can do it more often.

I am not complaining though. Not when I have the craving satisfied.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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