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Super Sunday

What kind of things that could define such title?

Watching a Bollywood movie about the struggle of a child with dyslexia. Almost every scene is so relatable in many ways. It described a lot the saying that not all disabilities are visible. It also reminded me so much about the struggle and the long way to find the answer for the little girl.

How I wish we had more teacher like Ran Nikumbh. Someone who believes. Someone who is willing to step in and understand there’s so much more to see behind a child’s behavior. Someone who believes that every child is special. The scenes below is one of my favorites from the movie.

After long writing about Dangal few years ago, Taare Zameen Par is another must watch piece from Amir Khan. In Amir Khan, we trust.

The next thing was having a hearty dinner served by the chef’s cooking. A set of japanese comfort food. Been having non-rice dishes for few days. Today’s supper felt like having a grand breakfasting.

Salmon veryyummy and a bowl that makes miso happy (wish to be as genius as languagenerd account)

And last but not least, the sky served me some dessert with its soft beautiful sunset colors.

For others, these might be just an ordinary Sunday. But, for me, these are things that fit my definition of super Sunday. Things that filled the whole part of yourself inside out with warmth and gratitude.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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