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Life in the Time of Corona : One Year Update

Life really happens for everyone in the span of this one year alone. A year full of painful grief in one side yet somehow, certain things enjoy massive growth in the other side.

Vaccine developed within a year only and some countries are really agressive on delivering the jab to their most vulnerable people, like The UK. Some other countries who handle this pandemic with brain and heart lost the least lives possible and now slowly enjoy the life close to BC time, like our neighbour in Australia and New Zealand.

Life in the time of Corona in Jakarta is not much different in terms of spending most of the time at home. The time we went back to Jakarta, The UK entered the second national lockdown as the new variant spread and school closure was unavoidable, until now.

The doctor has returned to inhumane shift schedule life and left us with only one to none free weekend in a month. Thankfully, he has secured full vaccine jab. The surface anxiety might be slightly reduced from the first month, but the heart is still asking desperately each day for the utmost protection.

Without formal school, other than having this menu at home, the little girl has an one-on-one online class for her piano lesson and another offline one for gymnastic. So far, online class is quite a headache. But, we still decide to keep it so she experiences another teacher other than her mother. Meanwhile, the private gymnastic offline class has been great. It’s been few months and she has been showing good progress.

We enrolled her to this gymnastic class for one specific purpose. To replace the occupational therapy she needs for her DLD/DCD with the closest thing we could have in this current situation. Yesterday, the coach talked to me that she was really happy with her progress and sent me pictures of her holding the hand stand by herself. Said that her hands were getting stronger also the balance was also getting better. The happiest part was when reading a text saying the coach loved teaching this little girl because she was always doing her best effort and kept trying until she made it.

That’s truly my little girl.

Never underestimate what a simple kind sentence can do. It is more than enough to made someone’s day and put her into a good night sleep.

While yours truly, other than juggling with house chores and other things, she enjoys returning to the language class that she has been craving for years. I am torn between amused, amazed, and confused how different it really is from the last time I had it 10-12 years ago. From the classmates to the way of teaching.

I was with those 20s something working friends when I was doing it in 2008-2010. Meanwhile now, I am the oldest among everyone (even the teacher!). My classmates are those early 20s something girls or even as young as 19 yo one.

I might be better in the language skill because I have learned for many years, but I am surely close to zero in technology part. It gives me a headache sometimes and I would be totally clueless without the help from this younger friends when it comes to learning language using so many kind of new apps and games. But then, it feels so refreshing to return in the classroom and learning again. I am happily grateful for this chance.

There are times when I feel deeply worried about the time lost for the little girl to play freely outside, meeting with friends of her age, and the uncerainty about return to the school because online learning with so many other students is very likely will work for her. Found this article which showed what the true loss for the children during this pandemic.

If we move the chair to the other side, we can view this time as a huge opportunity for her. An opportunity for us to prepare her better before she should handle the pressure to deal with the social life at school with her friends and teachers here, which, as we have experienced, is totally different with the ones we had in London.

I dont really worry about her cognitive. From the time we were in London to the daily study we do at home, she can keep up with adequate support. But, for social skill, it’s not only about her and her efforts. She needs the help from others like she had in Alfred Salter. She needs as much kindness and space for her to make meaningful friendship with others.

As I wrote this before, that has been my number one pray in every places we go. For us to meet the kind ones.

That would be more than enough.

After one year, I still keep my harsh tones for the way this brainless and heartless government handles this pandemic, yet the only thing to stay sane by keep going daily with the thought that we would never walk alone.

Hopefully, we would see much better situation in the near future. I can’t hope things to return to the old normal since there are certain things that I wish to keep them as we do in this life in the time of Corona.

What I need desperately to return is the free and secure feeling of living.


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