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Another Money Talk

This week lesson on our homeschooling :

Second chapter on money. This time is about what we can do with money.

Certain amount received from a relative and it was a good chance to do something about it.

I use my (golden) principles since the first time I earned my own money at 18 and it’s quite applicable for a 6 y.o too :

1. Save 50% of them right away. Whether you will (need to) use some of it later, that’s another story.

2. Spend on whatever things you want with the rest and try to stick with that amount.

3. Share (at least) 2.5% from the whole amount.

We went to the bank to do the first thing.

She has something that has been on her mind for some time. We visited few toy stores and went home with empty hand. Why? Simply because it was out of her budget. She could understand quite well when she saw the price tag :

“How much is that?”

” 300 thousands”.

” So, can you buy this?”

“No, it’s not enough”.

So I told her to either wait until she has the money OR find another one within her budget, online.

No whinning on the toy store.
But, no waiting too long to execute the next plan.

We checked this morning and she found one within her budget in online store. Number two checked.

Finally, we did the last part and I let her choose to whom she wanted to donate her money and chipped in.

One simple topic can be used for : math, islamic, and writing.

Homeschooling is exciting IF you have enough energy, continous creativity, and adequate amount of time to design the lesson plan.

Homeschooling is a better option than an online school IF you have those three resources above. We have tried some pop up classes and they were tiring. For us.

There were days that we could learn many things, stick to the lesson plan, checked all the list.

But, there were also days that we totally left the plan untouched and replaced it with whatever activities that suit the teacher mood.

Ex : long hours of skateboarding, playing on the playground, swimming, going somewhere, cutting some food or fruit or simply lazing around doing nothing.

This week is one of the rainbow weeks in my homeschooling days, where I (feel) have full control on my child’s education and deliver some meaningful applicable lessons.

When the little kid learn three basic things about what money can do, the adult can learn the truth about money like one that written on one of the pages from Morgan Housel’s best selling book Psychology of Money.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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