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The Feeling Ramadan Brings

Ramadan is here.

It’s always the best time of the year for reminiscing many things in the past.

There is something that always makes Ramadan feel special. Maybe because things seem like going slower. Days are more quiet and less distractions.

I loved going to school in Ramadan,especially the time spent in elementary. The vibe, the ambience, the activities, all made me happy.

I loved Ramadan during college years, be it in Bogor or Selangor. Ramadan far away from home in some places I could call home.

I loved the last few years of Ramadan. When the first time ticket to Paris bought, the preparation for going to London, last year Ramadan in lockdown, teaching the little girl to do her first Ramadan, the memories made me happy.

I loved the quietness of this month.Especially after I left the childhood home. No sahur and ifthar with too much preparation hassles. Year by year, I like the way things changed. Like stuffing food on the table and tummy during ifthar is no longer my cup of tea.

Since last year, I dropped rice and its companion for sahur and changed to fruit and bread or pastries. It’s more than agreeable. I could spare some space in my belly for several items of my favorites in the morning. Again, it made me happy.

This year Ramadan, with so many things that have happened for the last one year, brings no less comfort than before. Having our first sahur, ifthar and tarawih together is precious. Although certain things might look ugly, still, the feeling Ramadan brings, it’s soothing. As if it is telling me that no matter how ugly things might be, everything will be okay.

This year Ramadan is a gentle reminder that meeting another Ramadan should be something that one couldn’t take for granted. The thought goes to few friends and relatives whose sudden news of their death gave a pinch in my heart.

I have too many requests to ask this Ramadan. I feel like I will need so much help to face unknown battle in the future.

It’s nice to see you again, Ramadan.

Thank you for the happy feeling you always bring.

Jakarta, 2 Ramadan 1422H


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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