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The Hidden Victim

(Currently on a period of releasing the rantings that have been sitting nicely on the draft folder for some time. Waiting for their turn to be moved to the ‘published’ section).

For someone who consistently read many stuffs (which caused constantly overthink many things), there are certain times that feel the amount of worry seems piling up to the ceiling. As the result, it brings me to the state of being unhappy.

The biggest one is surely comes from the one(s) that matters the most. Few months of lockdown in this city, it’s not only makes me exhausted mentally, but also frustrated since no single clear plans ahead, especially about the education.

The most forgotten ones during this pandemic in this country is indeed the children.

It’s been a year since the school closure but this SUBH government seems doing nothing significant and clear to (try hard) to reopen the school.

Opening school has been a long discussion without any real actions to really make it happen. Children can go roaming in the mall, restaurants, holiday attractions, but not school, or even park.

It’s quite heart-breaking whenever the little girl keeps saying that she has prepared everything for her first day of school in July. Been asking continously how long it will take until July.

The school here has been closed for too long. The lost of learning is huge. Some parents said they’d rather wait until it’s safe. I agree, if it’s just only 3-6 months.

But, it’s been almost 1,5 years!!

No other countries totally closed the school for such long period.

Other countries have been opening their school since last year with careful measurement and precautions, in between lockdowns, hybrid between online and offline, doing whatever way that works to make the children return to the school.

Some of them like Australia and New Zealand, doing it without vaccine, without making mask compulsory for the children. They’re just using their brain, their heart, and their money carefully to prevent deaths and to protect everyone.

While here,what we have is the leaders who are busy doing any trivial things. Attending the youtuber wedding is more preferable than checking and helping the preparations of the school to re-open the door for the kids or any other disasters happened in this country.

School closure might be unavoidable for some time, but what even worse here, the absence of the basic children rights :

Lack of green space.

Unfriendly pedestrian walk.

No proper outdoor playground around the city.

Isn’t it too frustrating?😭😭😭

This pandemic not only brings more inequalities between the haves and the lowers economically, but also the gap between the children’s education. I am not talking about Jakarta only.

It’s nothing about the lost of tangible skills, like reading or counting, but the lost of love for learning, socializing, being with the children at their age, playing outdoor, not trapped 24 hours with their parents.

It costs so much too for the parents. Surely we love our children, but even lovers need holiday, far away from each other said The Chicago.

It’s true that handling this pandemic is far from easy. But, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. But just like John Ewing wrote in the article :

“Balancing livelihoods against lives can be agonizingly complicated. It requires clear, precise thinking”.

Clear and precise thinking, things that are totally absence from those people up there from the very beginning of this pandemic.

The price of such absence is fully paid by its people. Worse, the finish line is nowhere to be seen.

We’re currently heading to the second wave of the pandemic while out there, most people think we have done with this pandemic.

Stay safe and stay sane are still the only best thing that we can do for now.

-A long rant from a frustrated parent and citizen-.

Here’s one podcast which explains about how this pandemic takes a huge toll on the children’s education in this country.


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