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What (Not) Meant to be Yours..

Ramadan often brings a sudden craving in the middle of the day.

This afternoon was self-made es teler. The thought of sweet avocado, jackfruit, and nata de coco mixed with condensed milk and cold ice seemed a good idea and tempting.

Right after the little girl had her ifthar in Dzuhur, off we went to the supermarket. We directly went to fruit area. Looking for it everywhere then asked the woman on the counter, and she said, no avocado for today.


I saw jackfruit few days ago and looked for it today. Sadly, it was no longer available too.

Well, it looked like es teler wasn’t for me today.

When I was ready to go out without buying anything, the eyes bumped into a pack of corn frites and it looked good. When the hands already picked one pack, the little girl asked,

“What for? we had it yesterday”.

“I like it. We can keep it”.

An Indian man happened to hear our conversation and asked what was this thing. So I explained. He saw another package of fried sweet potato and asked if that one was good as well.

Since he asked me, I recommended only the corn frites while sweet potato, it depended on his preference.

He took two corn frites and put them on his basket.

While I passed the area of spices, the eyes saw a pack of the most favorite fruit which is quite hard to find.

Packages of sawo. There were six of them. Without second thought, took two packages and went to look for something else in another aisle. I wanted to take three actually, but it might be not the right thing to do.

When I had everything I need, we passed the sawo once again and I stood for a while.

They said, it’s better to feel sorry because you buy it than feel sorry because you don’t. Beside that, what’s the big deal with sawo? I could eat it as much as I can.

So I took another package.

“What for? you have already had two!”

As usual, the little girl needed to question everything.

“It’s hard to find sawo. I can keep it on the fridge”.

We headed to cashier and it happened the Indian man was checking out his groceries when he saw me and took few step backward and looked at my basket and asked,

“What is this?”

“Oh this is sawo fruit. very sweet and nice. But it’s hard to find,”

” I want this one too”.

“Oh, you can find them near the fresh spices area”.

He looked confused and suddenly I understood.

“Ah, you want one package from mine? Go ahead, you can have one”.

without any second thought he chose one from my basket and said a request to the cashier,

“Can you put hers to my bill? I will pay hers as well”.

to which I responded no.

He still looked unsure but continued to pay his stuffs.

When he finished with everything, he looked back once again and said,

“I will pay yours,”.

“No thank you, it’s okay. Thanks for the offer”.

“Then, thank you so much”.

When I remembered I couldn’t help smiling thinking how funny things work sometimes. Something that you really wanted, right in front of your eyes, already in your hands, been thinking twice or thrice to buy it, few steps away to have it, but, it still flew away.

Imam Al-Ghazali once reminded us with one of his famous sayings :

What’s meant for you will reach you even if it’s beneath two mountains, and what’s not meant for you won’t reach you even if it’s between your two lips.

And that third package of sawo was something that wasn’t meant for me from the beginning until the end.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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