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Bookhive and The Small Park

An idea popped up yesterday. As always, the impulsive plan often works better than the detailed one.

A newly open mini library drawed my attention to visit it. It is located near one of the parks, so we could have two spots in one visit.

It was only 20 minutes drive from home. The mini library is actually a mini cupboard with books. People can donate or borrow, or just have a quick reading on the bench next to the it.

We came around 9 am and it was quite empty. We spent around 20 minutes there and read a children book together. The collections are not that varied, I didn’t find something that interest me to be brought home. But, it is indeed a good idea.

The Little Reader

Done with the library, we went to the park. We were required to fill in the book and we had the whole park for ourselves. The little girl was quite fascinated with the geese. I reminded her that the geese here were unlike those in London. So, I told her to keep distance from them. She kept going near and at certain distance, the geese started approaching her. Yesterday’s checked experience : chased by the geese.

We walked around the park, stopped in some bench, took off our shoes in therapeutic stones, the playground was still sealed, sat down and watched the small pond while having some talks. Since not many things we could do, after 30 minutes, we decided to return.

Although it was short and small, it felt nice to enjoy the outdoor park properly once again. We should have brought the skateboard and book for next visit.

Cheers for more easily accessible libraries and good park and playground around the town!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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