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Ramadan Sunrises and This Eid

Twelfth Ramadan
Thirteenth Ramadan

Fifteenth Ramadan
Nineteenth Ramadan
Twenty-sixth Ramadan
The Thin Crescent, end of RamadanšŸ„ŗ
Slowly Rising in Twenty-seventh Ramadan
Goes into hiding
Then, comeback bold and strong
Twenty eighth Ramadan
Twenty ninth Ramadan
Ramadan Finale
Beautiful Colors Palette

I found comfort standing in front of the window watching the beautiful sky before starting the day. This Ramadan skies have been so breath-takingly beautiful.

This year Eid is also another year of pandemic Eid. But, unlike last year in London, we got proper vibe this year. Always love this time of the year when the house are all clean and the smell of sedap malam are around.

It’s been few years since ketupat is absent. Our little family is not really a big fan of ketupat and its companions. So, we didn’t really miss it. When we moved out, we could decide and fit the dish to our own taste. Last year we went with Lamb Shank. This year it’s Hungarian Beef Goulash. This dish was one of my mom’s finest dishes. The doctor tried to recreate it for this year Eid.

This Ramadan so far is one of the best Ramadan done in few years. Full ifthar at home, except one day at in-laws house. This year, the little girl finally had a chance to experience the real Ramadan vibe. She has already passed her target for this Ramadan.

She was fasting half day on the first ten days, three-quarter day on the second ten days, and finally the last ten, she did it until maghrib. Surprisingly, she enjoyed fasting a lot. She kept doing her usual schedule like gym class, art class, playing in the playground. Surprisingly again, she did sahur effortlessly. No drama, easily wake up and eat without any complaints. She kept saying several times that she was sad that Ramadan and the rituals were gone. She did full 30 days of tarawih. That was again, beyond the plan. If this Ramadan is an OWL test in Harry Potter, then her mark would be Exceed Expectation.

I pray nothing but may Allah keep such spirit inside her heart and hope that our fasting and prayer are all accepted. Another pray spelled whole-heartedly for us being granted a chance to meet the next Ramadan.

Amin. Amin. Amin.

So long, the best time of the year.

Eid Mubarak!

Jakarta, 30 Ramadan 1422H.


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