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Monthly Field Trip and Staying Sane

Arranging proper outdoor time the little girl deserved took quite amount of researches. It’s not only about the places but more about how to get there, whether we should go by car or better with public transport, when to go there, what schedule we had after and another important thing, what else we could visit other than the main destination.

Although everything has been arranged thoroughly, yet the execution often happened on the total opposite of the plan. Just like yesterday’s field trip.

Weeks of slow careful planning executed quickly on a quiet Friday morning, cutting the duration of other morning routines after a morning ice cream shop nearby a park that was not even on the list we had planned to visit suddenly detected.

The park is only 15 minutes drive, safe parking, we even brought the bike. The little girl had all the wide space to ride for herself while I enjoyed reading in a tranquil bench while listening to the bird singing.

After an hour, we were heading to the nearby ice cream shop by bike. The Blueberry Choco Chip Peanut Butter was a perfect dessert to end the field trip. Sadly, few last bite were thrown into trash since the little girl dropped it while walking on a bumpy pavements. Such a thrilling experience to ride a bike in Jakarta’s unfriendly pavements. But, hey, at least now we know, it wasn’t a good idea. I love testing a new idea.

From Pamela Druckerman

One of the pages I read described well what happened yesterday. The Chinese General wisdom was right. Life is so often goes according to what we don’t plan and that made having a plan becomes important. When we have a plan, it means we have already certain possibilities in our head, so if one doesn’t work, we could try another one. But, without any plans, the choice is only between yes or not at all. While in life, things fall between the wide gradation of yes and no.

After more than a year dealing with this pandemic, We could stop asking, arguing, hoping or whatever it is about having old life back and start converting to play (live) a long game. Prepare even longer, because in this country, more than the virus, it’s the absence of leadership in crisis, people in power who have no clear plan since the beginning, that killed the most.

Make it in Bold : > 10 YEARS.

After more than a year dealing with the chaos, staying sane becomes a more important advice than staying at home.

It’s tiring to see the doc tired of doing such inhumane schedule for months without proper break and rest day.

Worrying about what might happen being exposed to the risk daily.

Heart-breaking listening to many stories and sudden loss(es).

Staying sane becomes non-negotiable.

So, what we can do is :

Keep living.

Keep doing what needs to be done and should be done.

Keep measuring carefully every single risk from every action.

Staying sane took a lot of consideration, a little bit of courage, and a huge amount of faith.

Managing and controlling the mind between fear and hope. Saving the energy to (hopefully) ‘reach the finish line’ safely and sanely.



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