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Morning Treasures

If there’s something that we are above average is we are very early morning bunch. Breakfast always served before the first adzan. So, after doing the first prayer of the day, that’s when our morning routines start. By 9 am, we have accomplished sets of morning routines. Our morning could be considered the highlight of our everyday lives. The period of the day I treasure the most.

Morning Quran
Morning Practice
Morning Duet
Morning Math
Morning Chore
Morning Ride
Morning Play
Morning Lesson
Morning Read
Morning Walk
Morning Steps


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

10 thoughts on “Morning Treasures

  1. Ah, this is so inspiring….
    to get everything done before noon is really important.
    I’ve been trying to do it, but so much distraction. Any tips?

    1. Maybe because I have my eyes on prize (me time doing my french class with tidy and clean house before 9.30) and also, in afternoon, we have other appoinments with teachers experts. So, if we want to do it peacefully, we have to do the morning job first. I dont have tips because I am still struggling too some days. But, my precious morning me time is such strong motivation to keep things done😁

      1. Nice. Thank you for the tips. Making routine is really important, especially now during my daughter’s summer break (which is very lonnnnnnnnnng). Question, when you said french class, you mean you teach french or you learn french? Do you still teach piano?

      2. We always go to summer camp for summer break when we were in London😁 I re-enroll the french course after 12 years, still as a studen😅. Currently no, my hands are full enough as my daughter shadow teacher since we currently are working on two different goals in piano. Beside, daily school from home starts tomorrow😟

      3. Oh my, the school from home starts tomorrow already? I hope first day will go smoothly. Are you interested, let’s say if we arrange a french conversation class in video or audio call, once a month maybe, Je voudrais ameliorer mon français aussi. If you have time of course.

    1. Too many similarities to be coincidence, eh? We must be really friends in real life then. Maybe someday we and the daughters could really meet☺☺

      1. Yeah, I feel like I can relate to some of your struggle, maybe because of our similarities.. It’s really nice to read your stories, and I mean you’re so eloquent and you can elaborate your feeling very well, so when I read your posts, it’s like “ahhh, this is how I felt too!” But I just can’t put my feelings on words like you did. Oh wow, meeting you in person would be AWESOME!

      2. I just have too much in mind and if it’s not dumped somewhere, I cant be functioned well. So yeah, writing is more for me and glad if it could do something too for others. Thanks a lot for spending your precious time reading these rants. It means a lot!😊😊

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