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Anger Rants

Been having long rants about how this country official handling this pandemic.

Been cursing the way they deal with this matter since the beginning of this pandemic last year.

Everytime I heard people saying “semoga pandemi cepat selesai”, I couldn’t help sneering. It won’t. Judging from everything that has been happening since last year, it will last much longer than we think or we hope it will be.

It’s no longer the virus that kills. It’s the ignorance of the leaders that even after more than a year, they learn nothing, they do nothing, they NEVER take this seriously, and choose to let people die deliberately with their incompetence.

Up until now, we’re still paying the price of (choosing) having such minister of health for the whole first year of the pandemic. Choosing that person to be the minister of health was weird already and did nothing, (while he could something) until months, that’s the trigger of the tragedies that we are currently dealing with.

And, sadly, we’ll keep paying for this until God knows when and at what price.

This pandemic discloses and brings out the worst and broken system in every aspect of this country. We are broken till the last layer. There’s nothing we do right to the smallest thing.

Social services corruption. Birthday party full of people. Unnecessary bussiness meeting while people down there are looking for hospital rooms everywhere, stupid heartless brainless statements everyday saying those people of house representative deserved a special treatment in hospital if they need it. The paid vaccine. The disaster PPKM without proper help. The last one came today. The news told that the daughter of one of the chief for pandemic handling as well as one of the ministers whose face we could see everywhere around the town, was captured in Japan. Currently enjoying the honeymoon.

Feel like throwing up and put this line below in bold :

Eneg and muak are the terms to describe the feeling towards this stupid useless heartless brainless people up there.

Why cant they only be stupid but not ignorant?

Why can’t they just choose one?

Why cant they only be brainless but not heartless?


Maybe, just maybe, we must have done something terrible to deserve such stupid useless ignorant heartless brainless nir-empathy zero capabilities government in dealing with this pandemic.

No words could describe how screwed it is to be the citizen of this country during this pandemic.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

2 thoughts on “Anger Rants

  1. Reading Indonesian news from afar, really made me heartbroken. The situation is so messed up, poor coordination and poor leadership. If only the leader take this thing seriously from the beginning and learn from other country.

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