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Sleepless In Solitude

A sudden call from hospital made the doctor packed his things and went to the hospital, the sleeping eyes woke up after short sleep and refused to go back to sleep again.

Disturbed sleep is tricky. It makes your mind wander more wildly. From watching live coverage of Hajj 2021 to reminiscing certain part of old memories through pictures and videos collections, yet nothing can really make the eyes go back to sleep instantly.

This week has been a pretty draining one. Continous sad news, first week of online school which as expected, it was a quite a headache. So much energy taken yet so little learning. With such crappy internet connection and the noise from many little kids and their background noise, what can we expect?

But, let’s leave it there for now.

The heart goes to so many families whose days has been beyond tough this week. Especially the little children and babies who suddenly lost their mother. Also, the girls in college or school who suddenly had no choice other than dropping their study and taking over the responsibilities at home because the passing of their mother, I wanted to say I had been there (with similar situation), but the other part of myself told me to shut up and snapped,

“You’ve never been there”.

There’s no words of encouragement is needed at this time.

Current situation is as sad as it can be.

As bad as it looks like.

As heart-breaking as it is.

I am sending them the biggest hug they might need.

Let’s cry together until we feel better.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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