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These past three days were few of the rare days on this motherhood jungle where I had enough proper space and time for myself or doing things that I needed and wanted to do.

On Thursday, I let the little girl doing her online piano and therapy by herself. After few months, the relationship with the teachers and therapist have been safely formed. She managed well and it was not bad at all. While she was busy doing lessons, cleaning spirit striked hard, this time was the long overdue fridge. I did the freezer few weeks ago. The fridge is quite tricky when it is not empty. So, when it was quite empty and the chance was granted, it was only right to grab it. That happy feeling after cleaning was good mood booster.

Empty space for breakfast treats on the first and fruit row on the third.
Leftovers row were packed.

On Friday, the doctor decided to stay at home after 36 hours shift and before another 24 hours one on weekend. Knowing the sudden good news, my brain was racing with plans.

Since we had no one to sit the little girl other than us, having him at home during weekdays is such an opportunity that I wouldn’t waste. So, after done with first subject at school, I went out to take care some things in few places.

Stopped by the bakery, the nasi kebuli place, then heading to Snapy. Planned to do grocery after Snapy, when suddenly something came to my mind.

The car tax is due next Thursday and the schedule would be pretty tight next week. It was lucky that I had everything in my bag and I was at Snapy so I could make copies of document needed. Groceries postponed and rerouted the plan to SAMSAT. It was even luckier that it was still quite early so I could arrive before they closed for Friday prayer break. Car tax stuff taken care in less than 10 minutes. Few years ago, I wrote how much I love this drive thru service in this post.

At times like that, it reminds me of my late mom whose one of the best skills was being able to think quickly in many situations. Something that I learn a lot from her.

It was a relief having the most important thing done quickly so I could move on to the next things on the list. Unlike the usual routine, I decided to do the grocery in the supermarket below the apartment this week considering few things that I still needed to do.

Returned home to store all the stuff and checked the little girl’s work and sadly, needed to cut her game time and asked her to fix the schoolwork before I submitted it to google classroom. I had reminded her dad to check and made sure that she did it properly. But yeah, that what happened when daddy sat the school from home session.

Done with things at home, went out once again for few things which turned out took longer than expected. But, luckily, having the doctor stayed at home means dinner is also taken care of. So, although something didn’t run according to the plan outside, but at least, I got things covered inside. My comfort food served well that day.

Prawn aglio olio

In normal days, kitchen is closed and clear before maghrib, but that day, I could only manage to clear everything after Isya. One of the reasons why staying outside and being away from home too long is not for me. I didn’t have enough energy to take care what’s inside properly.

That day, it reminded me of old days where I had no choice but to spend hours working outside and felt too exhausted to take care anything inside.

Another thing that reminded me of my late mother is her golden rule to always leave home when it’s tidy. You wont be happy coming back to messy home. So, whatever I need to do outside, I always try taking care the inside things first.

Then, the following day, I still needed time to do things I had to do so I booked one night stayover for the baby in grandpa’s house while the doctor was on duty.

Among those things that I had to do, one is work-related, another is chore related, but the most exciting ones are about things I have been planning for myself.

Plans were always changing in the last minutes. Before, planned to drop the little girl early in the morning then went places. But, once again, something more important barged in and need to taken care of asap. Once again, rerouting the plan was unavoidable.

Instead of heading to my dad’s house, I drove to the bank first instead to change the account and card. I love weekend banking while it was early. It was empty and comfy.

Dropped the little girl, then instead of heading to the work place as planned, I drove home and doing things that I thought more pleasant for that time.

Things like :

– finishing left over fried rice with tahu isi for lunch.

– having a piece of gemblong after that.

– thinking whether I should go with left over spaghetti or left over sambel goreng with krecek for dinner.

– folding a huge pile of laundry without hurry while watching The Bennets.

-exercising while watching Notting Hill. Never watch it until the ending before and I missed London, so, it was a good choice.

– baking the choco chip muffin after long hiatus. The ingredients were ready and the baking equipment had arrived from London.

– enjoying the silent, tidy home all by myself.

– writing this post and few things in mind without looking at the time continously.

– reading whatever I want to read according to the mood.

– doing nothing and lazing around while listening Dave Mathews Band.

I could hear someone screaming : What’s so fun with those things? Where’s the going out plan? Window shopping to the mall without limit? Trying out the food outside? Driving somewhere you want while you have nothing in your hand? Why wasting this precious chance to do useless things like that?

Then I will calmly reply with John Lennon words :

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Enjoying some time outside is nice. But, this time, what I need is staying inside peacefully.

For this day, it reminded me of old days where I had nothing to take care except myself. But, on the other hand it also reminds me of what future days might look like when the little girl is older and busier with her own stuffs.

Then, does this mean I’d rather have this kind of day all the time?

Bien sure, que non. Never once I wanted to return to the old days. I am where I am suppose to be and doing what I suppose to do, at this time.

Beside, what should I want to be in charging mode all the time? A good phone is only good when it serves its purposes.

Having such abnormal days were refreshing and I couldn’t wait to have my normal days back with fully recharged batteries.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

2 thoughts on “Charging

  1. Hi there! Stumbled upon this space and I truly enjoy your writings. I love people thoughts and mundane daily activities 🙂

    I, too, cherish the time at home with no commitments. Mostly reading books while sipping tea. And some napping in between.

    1. Hello! I too fell asleep while scrolling through your writings. That Sedihnya Kembali ke Tanah Air hit me hard. The post made me feel seen and understood.
      Time spent leisurely at home with ourself is the most underrated ‘vacation’ that should be done regularly, for me. Thanks a lot for visiting!

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