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The Bright Side of DLD

While the road to her expressive language (speaking) has been rocky and bumpy, it’s totally the opposite for her receptive language.

She suddenly demonstrated her ability in reading when she was 4 when we had been busy and worried with her speech. Just like that, reading words by words without us properly teaching her, other than reading books together routinely from early days.

Maybe she knows we’ve been having enough headache and heartache dealing with her speech. So, she let us sit back and relax without teaching how to read part.

In spite of her language disorder, she reads quickly, and it happens in every language she learns.

She reads 90 books in the school apps during 3 months of first lockdown.

Learning music is learning language. She reads musical notation quickly in one sitting. She could differentiate the same notes in different places. Finished almost five books in less than a year.

Learning quran is learning language. She quickly memorized all the letters, the signs, combining the letters into words, she finished 4 level of iqro in one year.

Having language disorder is unavoidable.

But we always have choices. Like having NO ZERO DAYS for few things we consider important.

Don’t let one diagnosis of disability prevent you from doing SO MANY other abilities you can do and will be great too, as long as you never stop and quit.

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Thirty Four Months

It’s been quite some times after the latest update about the little girl.

She’s doing well alhamdulillah. More words to come, sentences, and many unthinkable words in English that surprised us.  She’s getting friendlier with others, and as I have more working hours since last month, she spent more time with Mbak Wi at home and it has been going better than I thought it would be.

Swimming becomes our monthly schedule and she has made good progress about that. She starts showing more courage to swim without holding on to her father and seems so eager to be in the water. This little girl also has more guts than his mother. She once tried a very high slide in the pool and kept asking for more.

School is soon to be considered after she is turning three next two months. Actually, I have been thinking to wait until next school year on July. Postpone it again? Hm, yes. Another consideration keeps coming about this. Too long to be written here.

Ah, extended breastfeeding still keeps going with less and less session. Telling her everyday, the time is almost really up. This mom is truly lazy when it comes to deal with some avoidable drama. So she chooses to keep breastfeeding instead. Sorry not sorry.

Then, keep healthy and happy, little girl!

Warming up
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The Fifteenth Month

I am currently not in a good mood while writing this. Since I couldn’t write about it here, so I decide to write about something else.

The big girl will turn fifteen months by next week. So what’s new about this month?

The very first remarkable thing I discovered this month happened today. She went upstairs, stepped in each stair one by one by her own feet. Of course I held her hand also. She managed to go up without being carried, and she really did it well. She did it slowly, one foot then another, her other hand was on the wall while another one holding mine. Although her feet were quite small to step on the stairs, she really put efforts to do it. What made me even happier, she looked sooo happy while doing it.

Have you ever thought that stepping on the stairs could be this pleasant? Like it was a very big deal and when you reached the top, you felt that you had accomplished something great and couldn’t help feeling proud about yourself. Her expression said so.

Langit is pretty good about her physical development. One day, I even witnessed her rolling to the front while we were playing on my dad’s room. It’s almost a perfect roll. However, she seemed a bit lacking in language. Until now, she still doesn’t talk much although her talkactive mom is always being around for almost whole day. So about this, I still have to wait.

We went swimming last Sunday to get her being familiar with water. At first she cried a lot like the previous time we swam. But then, after some time, she started enjoying it. At least, she was able to laugh a bit. We planned to take her swimming regularly.

Going to bathroom and house messing are still running and become her favorite. She couldn’t help seeing someone went to the bathroom without following nor when she saw the bathroom door opened, she surely went in.

Hm, I guess that is all for now. I am too sleepy to continue. Bye for now!

Oh! Keep healthy and happy, Cipi-kun!:*:*

Swimming with daddy
Eating pose
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A Short Glimpse to the Future

A girl sat silently near the school gate while waiting for her mum to pick her up after school. Not for long, another boy came and joined her. Couldn’t stand the silence, the boy opened her mouth,

” What’s your name?”

“Langit Senja,”

“Langit Senja? What kind of name is that?”

” Why? It’s a great one. Not just anyone is lucky enough to be named like that. Haven’t you ever seen one?”

“Seen what?”

“My name,”


“Look here,”




“What do you think?”

“Beautiful. Breath-taking.”

“Exactly. So now you know what kind of name Langit Senja is. As you say, it’s beautiful and breath-taking. Like me,”.

Then she stood up and left as her mum’s car stopped in front of the school gate.

Before entering the car, she turned her head, gave the boy a wide smile and waved her hand,

“See you tomorrow!”

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“GOODBYE, HELLO” Special Announcement

Here’s another one about the lovely ending! It’s a the printed version of the Goodbye, Hello. This is the very first time I take part in any giveaway and I am so expecting I will be one of the luckiest 25 people who receive the hard copy. I want this badly.

If there’s any of you interested in taking part, go submit your comment. Good luck!

Bon courage pour moi! drama addiction.


Feel free to share this to any Jung Hwan and Deok Sun Shippers you know.

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Dear Daughter #1

Dear Langit,

If one day the time comes to you to choose a life-partner, would you take this one most important note from me very seriously about what kind to choose?

” Moslem and practising shalat are absolutely non-negotiable”.

You start your screening from these things. The rests, you can argue with me, insya Allah. Prepare yourself well since arguing with me will be never easy. Ask your dad.

I know you’re just one. But, better early than late. I am writing this out of the blue thinking about you because I still can’t sleep because of husband’s battle in Reply 1988.

That’s all for tonight. I love you.

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Reply 1988

I like watching korean drama. Since many years ago. My first drama was Winter Sonata. Thus, I have been always Choi Ji Woo fans. But, I never ever once write about any dramas either in my daily journal or in this blog despite how good a drama is. But, yeah, never say never. I will break the record now. For the first time after fourteen years watching korean drama, I really want to write about this one.

Reply 1988 is one of the greatest drama I have ever seen. It’s very special in so many ways. The heart-warming story, the strong chemistry, the funny jokes, the enviable friendship, the warm families, and of course the adorable love triangle.

It is even more special because it has longer duration than any usual dramas. Every episode is aired for one and half hours. It’s quite long for two days drama a week, but even with such duration, I still can’t get enough of it every week.

It tells story about five families in Ssangmung dong, Seoul with the setting of the year 1988. From five families, the children also make friends and these four boys and a girl had been very close since they were little. Duk Seon, Jung Hwan, Sun Woo, Dong Ryong, and Taek were almost always together. The year of 1988 was when they were in second year of high school.

Actually, before the 1988, there were the preceeding reply series, 1997 and 1994. The three has similar big picture which is about guessing who will the husband of the female lead. Bien sur, le husband is one of the boy from the gank. I watched 1997 and 1994 roughly, and I didn’t find those two were extra ordinary. Good yes, but not that great. Thus, I had a very low expectation watching 1988 at the beginning. More, none of the leads were those I have ever heard of. So, the chance it would be good were quite small. I thought at first.

But, up to its 18 episodes, I was totally totally wrong. From the very first until the latest, there haven’t been any single lame episodes. It has been so amazing how the writer, director, and the team can make such consistently great drama. You can’t help smiling, crying, laughing, and for me non-stop tweeting everytime I watch it.

I am obviously Jung Hwan supporter to be with Duk Seon. Fyi, you don’t expect a beauty female and male lead like any other good usual drama. Jung Hwan might be not what you call good looking, but, I can guarantee you will totally fall for his charm, his deep thought for Duk Seon, his small funny gestures, although his face was showing no emotions. Me love Jung Hwan very much.

Apart from the love story, it tells us a lot about family, parenting, and life lessons. It has a lot of quotable lines thus I can’t resist tweeting those good lines. Every characters have their own chance to tell you stories and lessons from each of them point of view. You can’t help loving all the characters in this drama. Really.

This week will be the very last week of its broadcast. And I feel so sad about that. So not ready to part with all of them. It’s been very enjoyable watching them for almost three months. Even for someone who don’t watch korean drama, I will surely tell them to watch this. It absolutely worths your precious time.

Langit should really watch this one too someday. More, I hope she will meet such great people and make friends with them like Duk Seon did. For great friends are one of the best present life can give to you.

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One(s) That Got ( me run) Away

I have been always want to run away when facing three things although the chances 
were quite rare. Whenever these things come, there will be some things which don’t exist beforehand, suddenly appear. Like non-stop coughing, or even worse the asthma. Just appear like that.

Luckily, among those three, I don’t have to face one of them. Oh well, just realize that it is actually two of them. The one that still here, guess I have to continue facing it in the future. So, the two expired ones were piano exam and someone who liked me. Weren’t they laughable? But, I won’t talk about those two here. It’s the third that makes me a bit anxious for few days and so I decide to write to lessen the anxiety.

It’s about going to hospital.

It’s been always got me on my nerves whenever I have to visit hospital. I don’t like its ambience, the scent, and everything. It’s too uncomfortable and somehow depressing. No matter how much some hospitals have changed to be more sophisticated, still I don’t feel any better. I had rare meeting with hospitals in the past. I mean for myself. So, when I knew that I was pregnant, one of the first thing come into my mind was the thought of giving birth by midwives, not a doctor in a hospital. Bien sur, le doctor husband refused. I delayed to visit an obgyn until a month later to be more mentally prepared.

Whenever the time for obgyn appointment came, I had been so restless. Few times hoped that he might have not come so it would be canceled. The fear was at its highest stake when the nurse called my name. Hah, entering the practice room with sweaty hands, pale face, frighten body gestures, maybe the doctor thought I had seen ghost before seeing him. That is why no matter how long we waited to be served by the doctor, we almost never spent more than 10-15 minutes inside. We only asked one big question to him, whether the baby was healthy. If he answered yes,then we didn’t need to ask for more. Off we went, happily.

I thought that I was getting better at dealing with the doctor after went through pregnancy and delivery. But, seemed that I was wrong. It’s been even more and much more nervous whenever I have pediatrician visit. Going to the hospital for Langit is a lot more frightening for me.

The doctor is nice, the hospital feels comfortable, so what else? I am afraid of the weight measurement. I really forgot what is the term for this. Whenever I see that thing, it feels like the examiner who will judge how I have been doing for month. Whether I am doing well or just bad. Really, maybe I am being exaggerating, but it matters to me.

I should have come to the hospital last Tuesday. But, the vaccine Langit should have is still not available. So I thought why should I go there? Again, skipping the appointment feels like breaking the rules for me. I have been feeling guilty. Because I know the main reason why I didn’t come wasn’t because of the vaccine. It’s my cowardice to face the truth if Langit’s weight is not increasing as much as I expect.

Langit has been more to height baby than weight one. The weight were mostly good. She has been on the green curve, but, the weight has been very much stingy. You don’t ask how it felt when the digital scale showed me some numbers that I couldn’t believe it was only that much. After those daily hardworks, battle feedings, messy preparations, was that all this thing could show me? A mere few differences like the previous month.

It turned my mood to the lowest level. Felt like all my energy had been sucked by that thing. It was just like a very bad paid to those works. Until few days after that, my mood was constantly bad.

Well, I have made up my mind to visit the doctor tomorrow. At least, I have noticed my helper to accompany me. Let see what tomorrow brings then. Now I’d better prepare my heart for the worst.

A bientot!

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Heyho, New Year!

Here’s another year to come. Until the fourth day, it’s been not too exciting. The asthma is currently here, Langit has runny nose for several days and le husband is busy being the new chief in residency.

What’s the plan for this year? To be honest, no big grand plan. Just some small plans here and there. Doesn’t we sound too lazy?  I am afraid yes:(

That is why the clearest thing we have in short time is having Langit joining a baby class. Combination of busy father and introvert mother like us will make Langit rarely meeting other people. Thus, I need something to push me out of our cave which gives a greater benefit than merely spending money for fun. The class will start on the next April insya Allah.

Le husband starts his chiefing period for the next six months. He’s been busy till he can’t let the phone out of his hand even for a while. This chiefing period will also the highest stage one could be in residency. Somehow, I can’t believe we’re really here.

Me? I’ve been busy daydreaming and watching korean drama. Okay, for the real thing, I’ve been doing some new activity for Langit at home. Toilet training. It’s nothing much yet but at least we’ve started. We skipped potty seat because it didn’t work well. So instead a potty, I use toilet seat directly. It works better. At first, she cried whenever I put her there. But now, she seems understand that she can sit comfortably and have me cleaned her.

Personal plans are not too much. I want losing weight and gaining more money. Sounds uninteresting? No problem. For me, both are not easy. I am weak to the good food which we have a lot here while leaving Langit for more working days still sounds too scary for me. It’s not the leaving time, but more to before and after working. It’s all self-doing.

Then, hope this year brings more blessings and more enjoyable ride. Amin.

Bonne année!

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Unfavorite Food

I grew up in a family who loved eating and almost none of us are a picky eater. My mom once said that, at first my dad was one, but after few years of marriage, he started eating nicely. Yes, eating what you have been served, that is nice.

Then, I met le husband. This person is one of the best picky eater I’ve ever known. He doesn’t eat so many kinds of food. Let’s name it. He doesn’t like small fish like teri, cuek, ikan asin, kembung. He doesn’t like lots of vegetables. He doesn’t like food with coconut milk. Soo many restrictions until I arranged the daily menu at home based on what? His night shift schedule at the hospital.

Then, what about Langit? Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful about this, until today, Langit shows no signs of being a picky eater like his dad. She really eats everything. Everything I serve to her, she eats it all, even maybe she doesn’t really like it.

But, it also makes hard to answer the question about her favorite food. To be honest, I don’t have any certain answer either. She literally opens her mouth when someone show food in front of it and eat it;))

Recently, I observe something and found out something that I can be pretty certain about the answer. It’s something that she dislikes.
At the beginning of her MPASI, I once or twice give these food and I remembered she was strongly rejected it. Then, few days ago, I served these once again, and it turned out the same. She finished the food, but it took pretty long time to finish it. And don’t forget about that expression on her face. As if she really suffered a lot.

What are those unlucky ones?

Egg and banana.

Any kind of egg, whether it is scrambled, sunny side-up, or the boiled egg.

I once remembered during her first days of MPASI, I gave her mix fruit of banana and orange, and it was a disaster. She cried out loud. Even after trying to finish it several times, it failed.

Just these few days, I give a banana once a day and she eats it well. Until today, she totally refuses it. Maybe she said ” I have been patient, mom. Stop it.”.

I won’t stop giving those two or other food that she might dislike in the future. I will just give it occasionally. Life is just not about something that we like, isn’t it? Sometimes we just have to chew and swallow all those bitterness.

Beside, what is there not to be loved about egg and banana?

I love it both.