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I am too sleepy to write at this hour but when le husband hasn’t come yet, I can’t sleep. So, I will just write another story for Langit Senja.

Started learning classical piano at 5. Why? Because I had to repeat another year in kindergarten since I was only 6,5 months. It wasn’t enough to enroll elementary. Mum was afraid that I would be bored of schooling, so she enrolled me to a music school.

This music school is famous for its classical learning. It is truly a school not just a course. It has an academic year with certain timetable of report and exam month. Not only doing the practice, it also teaches the theory, history, psychology, and paedagogy.

If one goes through all level from the beginning, it will take 12 years to complete all level, if you don’t delay any subjects. Me? I was doing it for 13 years. 13 bloody-years.

If people heard I was doing it for such a long time, they thought I was really talented. In fact, I wasn’t and am not. I just worked very hard and luckily, the results were enough just to let me pass to the next level.

One must think that learning music is and should be fun. As long as I remembered, fun was not a right word to describe the time I had there.

We,the students had a practice session with the teacher twice a week for lower level and once a week for higher level (each session is 20min for lower level and one.hour for higher level). Beside practice lesson, we also had a theory class together in one big room with other teacher once a week. Higher level students had paedagogy, psychology and history of music other than theory, all once a week.

The levels consist of Pre Elementary, Elementary (maybe like kindergarten level in school), grade 1-6 (primary in school), Pre Conservatorioum Preparation (Pra PK), Conservatorioum Preparation 1-3 (PK 1-3). If you are good enough, in every subject plus attitude, you will be offered a place for become a teacher there. Then, you will continue to PKg 4. It is very selective offer. In one year maybe only 1-4 students being offered. Even once, there were none in one year.

I made it until the very end (PK 3) with hard fight. I wasn’t a bright one at all. I didn’t know why all the lesson seemed so hard for me. No matter how much I practiced, it.was never good enough to deserve 80 in my exam and let alone got any prize. Yes, they were so stingy with score. During those 13 years, I only got 80 on PK 2 level. 80,05 precisely. Fiuh.

This school has a policy that stated students who fail in grade 6, can not continue to the higher level and must quit. They can re-enter by doing the entrance test for the next academic year.

Grade 6 became very important for those who really wanted to continue there. My grade 6 years had been so hard and painful. I got teacher, very strict, very stern, and I couldn’t help being so afraid everytime I had my lesson. I really had my lesson under pressure, each week. Since I was the last student of that day, the lesson that supposed to be finished in an hour extended until three hours!

Was that all? No. This teacher, other than being strict and stern, she was also having a sharp tongue. She predicted by saying among three grade 6 students she had, one would go directly to PK 1, one would go to Pra PK, and one would fail? Who would fail? It was me absolutely.

To be honest, I was half happy and sad if I really failed. Happy because it had been so hard that I really wanted to quit for so many times. But then, I let my teacher to be right that I didn’t deserve to be a higher level student. My mum had been encouraging me a lot that I would endure it at least until the exam. She said, whether I failed or passed, it was not up to me. My job was only doing my best. Nothing about pass or fail, but not to embarrass my self in front of the examiners. That was all. That thought calmed me. Surely, I too didn’t like the idea of me embarassing my self in front of other people.

So, I practiced more and more. I woke up at 3 am every morning so I could practice better. As the exam was closer, I practiced even.longer. Thought this might be my last exam here, so better to leave with my best effort.

I tend to remember clearly with every small details about some special days in my life. This one is one of them. The day when the result came out, it was saturday afternoon, I was waiting anxiously at home. I didn’t go to my music school since I had school in the afternoon. Whem my mum arrived, I asked her when she was still sitting in the car outside the gate.

“How was it?”

She replied quietly with a soft gaze,

” You made it. Passed.”

It was one of her look that I remembered knowing that she was proud of me.

It felt like my heart exploded with lots of happy feeling. I really made it! It was even happier when I knew that among those three, it was only me and another one that was predicted to PK 1 directly passed. So, the teacher’s prediction, I answered it well.

You know, to pass the exam you had to score average minimum 70, from 12 examiners. Me? My score was 70,93. The other who didn’t pass got 69,97. 0,01 made all the difference. Could you imagine how strict they were? It was just another 0,03 to let one passed, but they didn’t do that. Amongst 100 students in my batch, only 40 made it to the higher level.

The happy days lasted for days and soon be replaced by anxiety. The consequences of passing means I would go back to those hard days. It would even harder.I passed to Pra PK level. It was just like another grade 6 because when you failed here, you had to quit too. Not (too) happy.

Another problem arose when the result came, another news also came that my father was transferred to another province which made all of us had to join him later after school year ended.
I remembered how my mother had been struggling with this. She surely didn’t want all those efforts done to pass to the higher level be wasted like that. It was also a chance that would not come twice in the future. She was very sure once I quit, I would never be able to come back. Not only about ability, but more of my willingness.

She came to my teacher telling the problem and the teacher’s reaction even louder. She strongly opposed the idea of me going there. She even said, she would accompany my mum to meet with the director and asked to postpone my entrance for a year and came back later without doing a test.

It turned out my problem became bigger than it was expected. My mum happened to trap in the directors meeting just to discuss my case. Other director agrees to postpone a year and come back without a test, while another one didn’t. It was pretty tense to finally made a decision. Then, my mum exited the confrence room with a letter signed by the director I was allowed to come back a year later without a test.

So, did I go then? I didn’t. My teacher proposed an idea to my mum that told me to stay and had a private lesson with her for a year to strengthen my skills to be better at the higher level. She said it would be very tough and I was not good enough for it. I might fail again in Pra PK. Better not go and had another year with her. My mum agreed.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed my higher level time much more than previous ones. It was more interesting and maybe it was a proud being in a higher level since not everyone could be there.

In that higher level, the hardest thing was the months before exam. We were pushed to practice like it was the only important thing in the world. Students who were under one teacher will gather twice a week performing in front of each other. The session started at 7 pm and ended around 11 pm or even 12 am. My dear father had to wait for 5 hours sleepyly.

I passed every exam I did quite well. As I said before, I was not a  bright student at all. To be more.honest, amongst 40 people there, my best achievement was only being in the 27th place. I graduated there obtained Judisium B. It was more than enough for me.


When I was having hard times there, I promised my self that I would never to do such thing to my children later. I would not push them to do something they don’t like and not good at too.

After graduated in 2003, a year later I started teaching at another music school. Then, my mind started changing. I didn’t know before that teaching could be so pleasant. I really loved it. I might be not a good performer, but I dared say my teaching is very far from bad. To add some more, it was so cool having a job you like to do when you were just a first year college student. To have your own money while others still relied on the parents support. Oh, I did too. My parents still paid for my tuition fee. Other than that, I paid with the money I earned.

Slowly one by one, those 13 years of learning started showing its investment return. Not only in term of teaching, but almost in many things I did. Believe it or not, during job interviews I had been through, this piano lesson became a very important thing that got me accepted. Almost every interview asked me about that. Until the very recent interview I had, the 13 years of learning still helped me to nail it.

On a bigger scope, the charm also touches others’ life other than myself. Right after the wedding, le husband entered the first semester of residency, and I just graduated from my master degree and just returned from Hajj. Both of us were jobless. The only thing left was my piano teaching. I was still in the process in few schools at that moment. So, we survived the first sixth months of our marriage solely from my piano teaching salary, which was not much but Alhamdulillah, it was sufficient. Oh! Another thing, it was also this piano that made us closer for the first time. When I think about it, le husband had so many advantages from this thing:))

When Langit came, this piano thing spread its charm even wider. I had to resign from the school, again, the only thing left was piano teaching. I helped my husband, my child, it is the biggest advantage that I feel so grateful.

I am glad that I and everyone made me stayed that time. I am glad I chose to endure more years so I could make it to the highest level and graduated.

If one day Langit read this, I’d like her to know, enrolled, encouraged, supported her mother all the way  to do and survive this piano lesson is the greatest gift that her grand-mother gave to her.

Again, I remind you dear, hard work and patience will never betray. The result goes with you for such a long time.

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Start small and slow

One day maybe Langit really needs to know her parents’ situation when she was born. So, cipi-kun, read this one day,ok?

We (finally) married in the end of 2012 after 10 long and full of drama years. Lets save the drama stories for another time.

Le husband enrolled residency just two weeks before the wedding. It was Nov,30th when the result was out. The very same day when mum left. I was glad that I was able to tell her before she went that le husband really made it after failed in his first attempt.

The next two weeks were the most least-courage days in my life. It was so gloomy preparing your wedding and the tahlil at the same time. In two weeks, this home set up the tent twice. First, a tent with bendera kuning and two weeks later a tent with janur kuning.
So,the wedding was on like mum wanted it to be. Lets once again save the wedding day story later.

We had no honey-moon since le husband was so busy with his school. At that time, I also just returned from Hajj and just finished my master in Malaysia. We kinda took turn in enrolling school. So, when we first married both of us were basically jobless. I had my music school work, but we could consider it none since I was on leave for Hajj and the wedding. On leave means no income. If I looked back, it was so risky and nekat, I would say.

But then, we really must believe that you will never be alone as long as you ask. Allah’s maths was nothing like human’s. He truly provided everything that we needed from every possible ways that we never even thought about it.

When I was worried how we could afford our monthly expenses and other bills then He solved it merely through a phone-call asked me to add my teaching days. Another blissful thing is the workplace is just 5 minutes walking distance from home. It is such great luxury.

We decided to postpone of having baby until le husband finished his first semester which was a very smart decision. Our first days of wedding filled with his residency things. Money spent here and there, very often no weekend, while weekdays spent mostly in hospital too. Few days he even arrived home at midnight. Once we had a weekend, a phone call from senior came and ruined it. We even once had to give one of our wedding gift for his senior’s wedding since another senior asked him to look for a wedding gift just an hour before reception -_-.

In the other hand, I also was struggling between work and house-works and affairs. Took care all of mom’s financial acoounts here and there. Doing all the duties which once were mom’s. It was like having multiple jobs. My work, the house-affairs, my dad affairs, and of course the marriage.

That was the time when I realized how much my mum had been doing all through her life with us.

We were pretty tight budget for the first few months. But, slowly it was getting better and better. After six months, I had another job which suited me well in the term of time,location and number. So, I was pretty lucky having two jobs that I liked a lot. Le husband also started to get paid when he had night shift at some hospitals.

We’ve been married for 1,5 years when we first knew that Langit was on her way. The night when we knew, we were just staring at each other and laugh. Glad of course,and a bit worry, bien sur.

Although we both had pretty decent income together every month, it seemed only sufficient for both of us. Having a baby would be a bliss, but it also came with other consequences. All the good and best things always have its price. That was why the weekend after we found out, we visited two nearest hospitals to ask some information about the doctor, the facilities, and the price to give birth there.

In spite of a pretty different range of price, we decided to choose the more expensive one since we felt more comfortable there. I think, in the term of health, education, and nutrition, parents should give the best that they could. The cost of those three things should become a meaningful reason to work harder for their child.

As the belly was getting bigger, the income was getting smaller since I decided to lessen my teaching hours. I even asked earlier on-leave than the prediction time which turned out to be a very good decision because Langit also arrived earlier.

Meanwhile, our expenses also were getting bigger. The same month when Langit arrived, it was le husband’s first month of being at the level where he was the one who had to pay for the meal when he had his night shift. It means that he should pay for the meal of 15-20 people, dinner and breakfast, even lunch snack. More, on that first month, he had 6 night shifts schedule which equals to 6 times providing the meals. It costed us one-third of a total hospital fee when Langit was born.
To be honest,if I looked back, it gave me racing and aching heart to let the money we had been saving for months were gone just like that -_-.

Alhamdulillah Langit came through vaginal-birth which really a cost-saving for us. We had prepared the money for caesarian birth. We had to, since we promised we wont count on other’s help for this, even the parents. But, alhamdulillah, the help came from everywhere. My parents, my aunts, and many others.

For this one, if I looked back, it gave me such a great relief at heart that we didn’t have to withdraw our deposit money in the end:D

During those three months without income, I really count on solely on my saving or in the other words mantab: makan tabungan. To add some more, le husband was also sent to Ruteng for a month in January, then got Fatmawati hospital duty on February. Two months of having no income, both of us.

It was scary. Yet, we managed to get through it.

Now, we slowly try to get back to our normal income after those three mantab months. Yes, slowly, since I had no one to help taking care Langit when I go back to my teaching schedule before. Meanwhile, I had not enough courage,bravery, and intention to do that. To leave her with someone unrelated whom I didn’t who. Worse, we even had to pay highly for that. I just couldn’t do that. Couldn’t materially and mentally afford the costs.

We’re getting better as Langit is getting taller and bigger. Although her vaccine price seems to be getting higher and higher. But, no worry Cipi, let us do our duty, you only have to be healthy and happy:)

Until now, It is still hard sometimes,yes. But, we had been through many things beyond our expectation. I don’t feel that we are being left alone in every single thing that we face. There has always been help.

In spite of starting small and slow, alhamdulillah those have been sufficient. So, there is no need to worry about being small and slow, there is Him who will make it sufficient.

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About Being Married

Rarely talk about this. Why now? It is the result of registering in one of mommies forum. Not to share,just like to read those pages.

The first thread I went through was about relationship with husband after being married/having children. I finished all pages within two days. A whole 68 pages with hundreds posts.

So, then it’s true that being married is very far from easy since all those moms shared how their husband changed after a baby. Mostly not in a good way.

Then,another thread was about In-laws talk. There, everything about the in-laws were shared. Again, mostly not in a good way.

It made me feel a bit embarassed. For being so ungrateful (often). At least, I have a husband and all in-laws that I won’t talk about that way in such forum.

It has not been easy at all for these two years. So much hard work, compromising, patience, while it would be still a bit hard for the next two years. I am talking about le husband’s residency.

But, if I looked back, we had been  through lots too. Those things that we didn’t imagine that we could go through safely. Every single thing that I often forget when I was angry to le husband.

Since my head is currently working well, let’s count the major blessings this marriage brings :

– Thank You for giving me such patient, funny, and loveable husband. Although he is messy:/

– Thank You for putting me in such kind family and parents and brothers in-laws and Thank you for not giving me a sister in-law;))

– Thank you for giving me such healthy, funny, adorable daughter through this marriage. I have been living 30 years without her. Being 4 months with her makes me wonder how I can be fine during those 30 years.

So, If someone asks me which one is better between before and after le marriage?

My answer will be : I stand on the right side.

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How I Met The Doctor VIII : “Him and Them part II”

The writing mood is here. Keep going!

My first Umra was on October 2003. It was the time when I finally decided to wear jilbab. It had some impacts on few things, including this problem.

I did not know how it worked, but right after I returned, I started receiving few unknown texts from I didn’t know who, some guys asked to be introduced to me from my roommates, and so on. But, there was a distinguish newcomer on my second semester.

Having written these, I don’t intend to remember those men but more to explain where I and the doctor were during these college years and what happened to us. So, after telling about them, I will continue about him.

2nd semester
This man was from other major but often had same class with my major. During first and second semester we had about more than 2 same classes in a week. I did not notice him at all till my roommate which happened to be his classmate, told me there was someone who had been asking her about me.

I didn’t really remember how we finally get introduced. What I remembered most that he was very straight forward.  After the doctor, he was the next one who slipped out a marriage idea to me. It was even weirder for me since he didn’t even know me, at all. Just few months after we knew each other, he suddenly talked about the marriage which I found it quite annoying.

Facing this person, I had been even more to the point. Told him I didn’t have any interest to have close relationship till I finished my study, so he could not expect more.

I refused this one for the same reason like I had with my senior. I was pretty sure, I would never return the feeling to him. There were quite lots of things that I didn’t really keen of him. I disliked some his ways in persuading me. It was pushy. Not good at all. I remembered quarelling with him over some matters. Like one day he insisted to accompany me to fetch the textbooks for my teaching class in other faculty. I refused it and spent almost half an hour to argue with him. I wouldn’t give up since I knew that once I said yes to him, he would ask for another thing. And I won the fought;))

He was there all the time during college, and still tried enough even after we graduated. Had been continously trying to change my answer for 4-5 years, but, I just could not.

We were still fine in early of second semester, but I really didn’t know what happened after that. I believed it must had been something big since I stopped writing on my diary for 5 months. I really can’t tell what was going on since I didn’t write anything. But, I believed it was not good. Maybe that was our biggest first cold war:(

If I was not mistaken, it was April 2004 when I stopped writing and we just resumed our usual conversation near Ramadhan on November. Pretty much,right?

Eventough I didn’t really know what happened back then, I clearly remembered how uneasy it was to be in that state with him.

A bit depressing and frustrating..

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How I Met The Doctor II :”Days after Thursday Night”

Guess I’m having my writing mood back. So, I’ll just continue till I don’t know when;)

I woke up half confuse and half smiling next Friday morning. Kept re-reading those four unusual texts and self-talking, “Should I worry?”.

As mentioned in the previous post, I was the one who almost never felt comfortable with any men, or boys. Thus, I didn’t fall for someone a lot. I fell in love once on my 6th grade, and it was lasting for 7 years. Couldn’t see anyone else but that person. Refused all the offers in junior and senior high, almost without doubts. I just stacked to one person for 7 years.

Then, after that Thursday night, I felt there was something changed. I caught my self feeling happy, smiling ear-to-ear. It was a bit weird because although we were in the same class, met twice/thrice a week, we were never really in a friendly term until that Thursday.  Hardly talked to each other. Never, as i remembered. Then, just changed numbers in one night could make us like we were a best friend.

I kept saying to my self that I wouldn’t take this too hard. Kept telling my head not to be overtaken by my heart. Cause this heart of mine seemed getting in controlled. The texts became addictive. It was him who always started texting, but I surely replied it. It was undeniable that I was enjoying that. We had nice conversations. I didn’t feel that someone was kind of approaching me because he liked me. It just felt that I was having a new nice best friend to talk to and share with. Waiting the texts became a routine.

Then, it was over. Not the story, nor the texts. The honeymoon phase.

Those funny, witty, and half-flirting texts disappeared. It turned to gloom, demanding, and cynical texts. Not only the texts, but the person himself. He, whom I knew beforehand, changed into someone else that totally different. He was no longer warm, funny guy with his nice words, but changed into a complaining, nagging, and so often being in his bad mood.

Later that I knew the reason why. He just broke up with his first girl friend. Freshly broke up. So, it was one of the reason why he had his mood up and down drastically. Then I found the pattern, he was better when we didn’t meet, but always became so frightening after we had class. Our first bad term occurred right after we had class, again on Thursday. A week after the first texts.

I didn’t really remembered what was the thing we talked about that made him sent me some texts right after I arrived home. The texts implicitly accused me of having a boyfriend, which he considered was Riza. He also apologized because was being so attentive while in fact, I was having a boyfriend. It was so confusing received his texts, I had no idea what he was talking about. Why suddenly talked about boyfriend? Who told him so?

I replied his texts telling him that I didn’t understand what that was all about. At first, I didn’t realize also that he referred to Riza. Then when I did, I told him that Riza was only a friend. But, still he kept telling strange expression, till I couldn’t say anything to reply it.

That night, that was the first time i couldn’t sleep through the night just because of someone whom I just knew for weeks. I kept asking in my head, why, out of sudden sent me those texts. What happened actually? I finally had something crossed my mind that might be the reason why he sent all those texts. I remembered that I cut our conversation off and rushed to go home. It was already 19.15. My dad must had been waiting. So, in the middle of talking, I said that I had to go home and quickly ran off.

It was at 3.30 in the morning when I sent him text that explained why I suddenly had to go home. He thought that I was angry. I explained that I wasn’t at all. Also made it clear that me and Riza, we were just friends. Nothing more. After the text sent, then I fell asleep.

Along the day, I kept wondering what happened here with me. It was so weird that a total sleepy-eyed like me, couldn’t sleep all night just because someone whom I barely knew. Why I cared too much about those texts and felt so important so he knew the actual situation. Why? The real me wouldn’t care about anything else if it was about sleeping. I could sleep in any conditions once my head felt the pillow. The real me wouldn’t be bothered by such texts and would choose to ignore it completely rather than thought about it through the night. Really, it was too weird.

Next days, the texts kept coming and it was getting more and more intense. He became more demanding once I didn’t reply his texts for some time. There were days when I felt stress about this. I knew he might still felt uneasy of breaking-up, but why pointed all the anger to me. It felt like I was the one who betrayed him and breaking-up with. Things always getting worse when we met, but it was better when we were off-class.

One day, I even asked Widya to accompany me go to ILP. I was just too afraid to be seen alone, so Widya just waited till I entered the class room, then left. It was getting uncomfortable when he was around. I chose to avoid him. Although it also made me sad, i mean, why we should be back like strangers. We really had no real problems. It really confused me what actually happened at that time.

After uncomfortable situations when we met in the course, then at night, he surely sent text to make up the situation. So, everything was ok. It repeated several times. Till one Friday which I remembered was a very exhausted day, and he once again had his bad mood, and ‘blaming’ me. I had a full piano course on Friday. From 2 – 7 pm. So, it was tiring day.

At first, everything was ok. Till he said something in his text, telling him that he missed me so much that day. I didn’t really keen of having those words. I didn’t know what to be replied. Said that I missed him too? Err… At that time, I just felt what to be missed while we were having texts everyday. You couldn’t miss someone who you ‘met’ everyday. Then, I chose to ignore it, and the bomb exploded.

Not only him because I ignored those last sentence, but I also finally pissed off because of that. Told him that not to act like the only one who had ever been hurt, or like I was the one who did it. Told him that I was so tired (it was indeed one bad day), so if he wanted to leave, then just left. I never said like that before. At first, I kept soothing him when he had bad mood attack. So, it might surprised him that I could say things like that. Once again, he sent me another text during midnight to make up the situation.

I made him wait that time. So, I rarely replied his texts. Till he told me that he would call later. He really called that Saturday afternoon. Maybe because I seemed still angry,hehe;))

We didn’t talk for long. But, as far as I remember, that was the very first time we had such serious phone talk. Maybe ‘serious’ was not an exact word to describe it. It was just deeper.

” Eh, yang gw bilang kemaren di sms. Hm.. itu gw bohong”

” Bohong apa?”

” Yang gw bilang ngga apa – apa kl lo emang mo pergi. Gw bohong.”

” Oh..”

” Gw ngga mau lo pergi. Jadi, jangan kemana-mana ya. Tetep disini..”

” ………….”


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How I Met The Doctor I :”At The Beginning”

I rarely talk about him. Almost never. Suddenly I have the mood. So, don’t let it go in vain.

We had a very very long (hi)story. 10-long-and-hard-years. As I’m writing this, 10 years may sound so easy, and fast. In fact, just imagine how 10 years can do to one’s life.

We first met on 2002. Second grade at senior high school. I went to 81, he went to 61. Still in the s ame neighbourhood. We didn’t meet at school. We met in an English course. I think God is really humorous. 10 years from that time, this English course become one of part of our life once again.

I was a level higher at that time. But, the higher level, the less the students are. so, at one high level, I had to wait, so they could open the class. I noticed him on the first day simply because he’s my type. Yeah,the nerd looking guy with glasses never failed me. But, that was it. I had no intention of making friend or whatever.

I never made friends easily. I just went  to  prayer room to do maghrib prayer, then I just went back to the class. I didn’t really care that some of the students wondering why I never bothered to go to canteen, or had chat. So it happened while we were on the same class. I just sat by my self, greeted everyone once, answered if someone asked me, the rest, just sat still,be quiet, and red books. The only friend i was quite comfortable with was Andrio. We were on the same class from the very beginning, meanwhile, he was also my elementary school friend. So, I’d known him for quite sometime. Another small important thing, i never feel any comfortable with any men,boys. What made me was ok with andrio that he wasn’t the type that would fall for me and neither did I:)) But again, 10 years from that time, unbelievably, Andrio took part in the most important day of our live together. How funny it can be:)

So, my English class just ran as usual until one day the teacher wanted us to work in pairs. The best that I could remember, he was sitting next to me on that day. So, we worked as a pair. The conversation was just casual, discussed what we had to do with the task, then took turn in answering. That was all. I wasn’t in my good mood that day. It was on Thursday, mid of July. I was having bad mood about my piano lesson on Friday. So,when the lesson finished, I tidied up my things and hurried to prayer room. Didn’t even bother to say goodbye or anything.

I saw him again after praying. I forgot he said something,like basa basi, then i simply answered. But then. what happened after that might be considered as the root of all problems that we would go through in the next few years. It’s so funny, isn’t it? A small,random and meaningless thing that you did in the past gave an enormous impact to your future.

So, what was that small,random, and meaningless thing that I did that day?

Gave him my mobile number.

Of course not voluntarily, he asked me first. At that time, not everyone had their own mobile phone. I had it together too with my sister before we finally owned our own. That day, it was my turn who brought it. So, when he asked me i just easily gave my number and he miscalled me so I could save his too.

That was it. As simple as gave your number away to your class mate. How bad it can be?

No needed waiting too long. The effect was in an instant. I instantly received  my first text from him right after I arrived home. I’m laughing when I remember that while I’m writing this;))

I never had any text with any boys before. More, from one that I just met and knew in couple of weeks. I’d simply ignore it. But then, I too didn’t understand why I behaved differently that time. I mean, i didn’t take it as something that annoyed me. So I replied his text, still without anything in my head.

A text then became four texts that night. Four unusual texts for two people who just met and knew each other. When I replied the first text without anything in my head,after four texts, that night, I slept with so many things in my head.